Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Need for Less Government

I decided to sit in meditation and write a channeling on the state of the political divisiveness going on during this time. This is the message that arose:
"The solution to your problem with government does not require being affiliated with any party. This is because the solution lies not with more government but less. WE ask you to have the faith and trust in this. WE speak the truth on this matter. After all, have not you been advised that you will know how to recognize a false prophet by his or her fruits? If this is true, then how can any true savior be a savior if the fruits created contain any seed that could poison the whole well? While WE apply to no religious affiliation or philosophy that would divide you, we ask that you examine the truth on this issue.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Orb Weaver Totem

Once again, orb weavers have come out in droves to my property for the summer months. I even have a wagon and it seemed many babies that had recently hatched and made it their home. So, a friend who was with me asked me what the totem of this spider was. I didn't know, so I looked it up and according to this web page:
To me the web represents the weaving of our individual lives and how this weaves into the collective consciousness.   Each of the anchor strands of the web represent our responsibilities in the world through family, vocation, self-care, service and community...

Wednesday, May 11, 2016


"When the dreamer wakes from a dream, he or she comes to realize that the dream was not real and neither were its constructs. Such dreams were merely the reflection of the dreamer’s belief systems. So wake up to what you are dreaming and the reason you are dreaming it! Become more lucid within your dream of life."

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Print Edition using Recycled Paper

Printed edition is out now and printed through York University Press in Canada using recycled paper (why I chose York University Press for the printed version over CreateSpace and Balboa Press).

York University Catalogue Page >>

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Unconditional Love

"The pink rose is a symbol of love that is unconditional. It is a message to embrace the power and the beauty of the present moment without placing conditions onto it. It is a message to value and cherish what you have and treat it as a gift or blessing."

Monday, January 11, 2016

"There is Nothing Enlightened about Being Impoverished"

While many of the chapters within "A Guest in Their Universe" were written while sitting by the river's edge, a few chapters were actually written before I began this book and without specifically tuning into "Mother Nature."  These chapters are "Remove the Blindfold" (chapter 5), "Abundant in Knowledge but Lacking in Wisdom" (chapter 10), and "Impoverishment Is Not Enlightenment, But Neither Is Having It All" (chapter 7). Other chapters were written in meditation while focusing on what Mother Nature or certain insects or creatures would have to say. Some would emerge as one long channeled-type of message. When putting these messages into book format, I would break them down into question and answer format in order to keep the material in the book consistent as a back and forth dialogue.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Chapter 19 - “The Earth and Universe Are Calling You”

©  Aleksandr Lobanov | Fotolia.com
I woke up one morning in late November after having a night filled with dreams. In one particular dream, two animals were talking to me. One of the animals was a raven while the other was a dog. The raven had a braid in its feathers over its head. In this way, it reminded me of a Native American.

The topic of their discussion was the nature of materialism. While both animals had something to say about the nature of materialism, each approached the subject from a different angle. The raven had the more scientific and mystical approach to the subject while the dog had a more simplistic approach. Both argued the dangers of our over-reliance on technology and our buy-and-sell mentality. The dog argued more for how this mentality affected our relationships. The raven argued more concerning how it prevented us from learning the true mysteries of the universe. Both animals warned about the dangers of our nuclear technology, stating that we would have to find a way to band together to resolve these types of issues, or we would be compromising the future for generations below us and to come. They said we would be able to transcend this challenge if we truly wanted to.

Chapter 18 - “Your Purpose: To Become Angels in Human Form”

While the construction crew that was working on the property had halted their activity for about four weeks, the backyard was full of what appeared to be chaos left behind. The landlord was waiting on some sort of permit or inspection. However, without so much noise and busyness going on, I did have a chance to once again sit outside on the steps of my back porch. As I sat there, I asked, “If there is any creature that desires to come forward with a message, I ask that creature to come forward now.”

Suddenly, a bee flew around the corner of the house but quickly retreated when my cat Emerald began to chase it. So I asked my question again. Sure enough, another bee flew beside me and hovered for a while, so I asked if there was any message that he or she wanted to communicate.

Chapter 17 - “What Is Simple and Natural Provides Everything You Need”

© Роман Гераскин | Pixabay.com
It had been a while since I sat outside with pen and paper in hand to allow Mother Nature to convey a message. It was November, after all, and there had been a few cold snaps and even a little bit of snow. Because of this, I had been spending more time indoors. However, the weather had warmed up to the point that I didn’t need a coat, so, once again, I ventured to sit outside with a pad of paper and a pen in order to take notes.

As I sat on the front step, I was shocked to turn to my left and see one wild pink rose had bloomed since I last sat there. I thought this very strange since I would assume roses, like most other plants, would be unlikely to bloom after such a cold snap. After doing a little research, I discovered that it is actually not unheard of for roses to bloom during mid and late November. This said, I still wanted to ask Mother Nature the meaning of this rose blooming so close to winter.

Chapter 16 - “You Are Always in a Relationship with Something”

geese and goslings
Geese and their goslings in my backyard
As I sat outside by the river’s edge, instead of spending my time meditating on nature, this time I had a book that I had brought outside with me. The book of choice was titled Buddha-Messiahs: Yeshu, Essene Jesus of the Gnostic Nazoreans, and I had become deeply engrossed in it—that is, until I heard a noise that caused me to look up from the page I was reading.

As I looked toward the source of the noise, I noticed a family of geese was climbing up onto the embankment nearby. Before I knew it, two other families of geese had stopped by as well. One stayed in the water while the other came onto the property, off to the right of where the first family was camping. Seeing how they were all assembled in my backyard, I went inside to get my camera so that I could take pictures.