Sunday, June 12, 2016

Orb Weaver Totem

Once again, orb weavers have come out in droves to my property for the summer months. I even have a wagon and it seemed many babies that had recently hatched and made it their home. So, a friend who was with me asked me what the totem of this spider was. I didn't know, so I looked it up and according to this web page:
To me the web represents the weaving of our individual lives and how this weaves into the collective consciousness.   Each of the anchor strands of the web represent our responsibilities in the world through family, vocation, self-care, service and community...
Each of us, in the center of our ‘webs’ are the drivers of our own lives and must take self-responsibility for what we weave within our world. Each thought, each word, each action creates a golden web like ripple that not only creates the tapestry of our life experience, but also weaves the field of the collective web of life. The Golden Orb-Weaver teaches us to stay centered no matter what the world may throw in our webs and to look for the ‘golden strands of opportunity’ in times of turbulence. (© Simone M. Matthews)

Baby Orbweaver Spiders from Maeve-Ann Wiseflower on Vimeo.