Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Need for Less Government

I decided to sit in meditation and write a channeling on the state of the political divisiveness going on during this time. This is the message that arose:
"The solution to your problem with government does not require being affiliated with any party. This is because the solution lies not with more government but less. WE ask you to have the faith and trust in this. WE speak the truth on this matter. After all, have not you been advised that you will know how to recognize a false prophet by his or her fruits? If this is true, then how can any true savior be a savior if the fruits created contain any seed that could poison the whole well? While WE apply to no religious affiliation or philosophy that would divide you, we ask that you examine the truth on this issue.
WE, of the unseen world who can see your troubles, ask you to allow yourself to withdraw from excessively supporting and being co-dependent upon the external structures of the world. Allow Christ to take the helm and to show you how you can place the Law of Spirit above the laws of mere men. Follow the example of sacrifice. A savior will not be found within your governmental structures at this time because the innate way these structures operate leaves them open for power to be abused. Some faction of 'the people' will always feel oppressed, coerced, or left without choice in some manner. 
Choose, instead to align your energy with something that is more worthy to align with. Choose to align with what better serves the purpose that you are attempting to actualize. If you look deep within your hearts and into the spiritual teachings that have been made available to you, you will begin to see the kernels of truth that are common threads to be shared by all. Do not these threads attempt to guide you that you can only be part of saving the world when you are willing to relinquish your over-attachment to everything external in order to serve what moves beyond all of that? This includes releasing your over-attachment to the need for excess, materialism, banks, credit cards, shopping, insurance, power companies, and anything that pollutes or acts as a symbol of where your true purpose has become muddied or clouded. 
It is only fear that blocks you from doing this now. Many of you are afraid that you will be nothing or will not have enough without being dependent in these ways. But you will always have what you need in Spirit. This is what Christ came to teach and show you. When you understand and are not frightened of the realization that this way is the only way out of a lot of the environmental, social, political and other problems of the world, you will be ready to embark upon the path that will bring true and lasting peace.