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Chapter 11 - “It’s All Right in Front of Your Eyes If You Would Pay Attention”

Blue jay
Blue jay in tree
It was a cool September morning and as I got out of bed, I raced to dress myself so I could feel warmer underneath a bulky sweater and track pants. I was trying to wait as long as I could before turning my furnace on.

While I was still feeling chilly, it was not enough to distract me from thinking about my prior conversation with the crow. The crow had used the term “miscreation,” and implied that when we don’t know how to turn our knowledge into wisdom, we tend to “miscreate.” This left me feeling curious as to what Mother Nature would have to offer on this subject. So, I fed my cats and then went outside where I put my pen to paper and asked if She had any message to convey at this time.

“Use the Law of Attraction as a tool to better understand your ego’s motivations and what you are holding onto that can be released,” was what first came through. “This is similar to how a dreamer can come to understand him or herself—and the predominant focus of their mind and beliefs—through learning to interpret the symbols that appear within their dreams. Likewise, the collective as a whole can also come to better understand its own agenda and beliefs through the manifestations it creates. For example, it can come to better understand those manifestations that arise from Self-understanding and those that arise from the ego’s agenda. After all, these symbols that arise cannot help but reflect the focus and mindset of a collective including its attachment to cultural traditions, institutions, definitions, or what is popular to manufacture, buy, and/or sell.”

“Is the best approach for us to employ the Law of Attraction in a backward way rather than a forward way?” I questioned, since a previous dialogue with Mother Nature had touched upon this topic.

“Yes and no,” was the reply. “You can use the Law of Attraction in a backward way to understand yourself and the dream you are dreaming more clearly. However, once you become more lucid within your dream of life, then you can use this same law in a more forward manner toward the manifestation of those fruits and symbols that reflect an alignment with the Holy One[1]. Without using the law to become lucid first, however, you are more likely to use it toward the advancement of the ego and its tendency to keep you locked into a state of separation consciousness.”

“I’m not sure many of us know how to read the symbols of the world well enough to be able to use them to understand what is going on within the collective consciousness,” I admitted.

“It is all right there in front of your eyes if you would pay attention,” She challenged me. “It does not take a brilliant mind to see how actions have their consequences nor to discern the type of mindset that may lie underneath.”

“When you explain it in those kinds of terms, it does seem much easier,” I said.

“Without thoughts, there are no actions,” She divulged. “So, start with examining the fruits within the world that appear disharmonious. Then, ask what actions of mankind lie underneath. Then, you can go even deeper to ask what kinds of belief systems underlie the kinds of actions you are observing.”

“Can you give us an example?” I asked.

“Yes, of course,” She replied. “Let us take, for example, nuclear power and other forms of dangerous technology that haven’t been discontinued. You might wish to ask yourselves what type of mindsets or belief systems are leading people to be passive or defeatist when it comes to these vital issues? Is the issue that too many of you feel you have no control or options? Do you feel nothing you say or do would matter? Do you hope that if you continue to use these forms of power and technology and just deny there is a problem that it will just resolve itself? Are you waiting for someone or something external to come along and offer some sort of resolution? Then, go deeper beneath these beliefs to ask yourselves if they are truly valid (such as that you have no other options), if there is something else that would be more productive to believe, or if there are even deeper beliefs that interfere with your ability to manifest a more loving solution for yourselves.”

“That sounds easy enough,” I said.

“Whatever you observe,” She then informed, “see mankind as its own entity rather than focusing on the individual level. Otherwise, you will likely exclude yourself from what you need to learn as a whole; you will block yourselves from being able to see the problem at its lowest and most subtle levels. For if you take an approach that ‘only the bad guys’ are causing the problems, you can end up going into too much denial concerning the types of mindsets you engage in, at whatever subtle level, that play a part in manifesting a larger problem.”

“I can see the process that you are speaking of more clearly now,” I acknowledged.

“I am glad that you can understand the process a little better,” Mother Nature continued. “When the thoughts beneath your actions are not conscious, nor come from an enlightened place, then your actions have the potential of becoming unconscious and careless.”

“That is evident,” I said. “We tend to want everything to be resolved through a quick fix, but sometimes, I think, these quick fixes make some of our situations worse rather than better. In the short term, though, they might seem to make them better.”

“WE, of all that is living, do encourage you to do away with your quick fix mentalities,” She cautioned. “They truly do not serve you anymore, nor do they further your understanding. They stand in the way of true light being able to filter into the world in a meaningful way.”

“What do you mean?” I asked Her.

“I mean that many of you can end up desiring to use your minds to create quick fixes,” She answered, “or to focus on symptoms rather than the causes for why your consciousness has become more wayward. When you do this, you can fail to observe how your consciousness is producing wayward and polluting fruits at an alarming level.

“The solution will come through increasing your understanding of the causes,” She stressed, “rather than through skimming the surface.”

“Skimming the surface?” I asked.

“Yes,” my guide responded before carrying on. “Many of you are currently too confident that your minds, when employed in an unenlightened way, can offer you salvation. In other words, there is a prevalent form of misunderstanding that teaches you that if you can believe strongly enough in your immunity to the various collective problems arising, then this will make you invincible concerning their after-effects.[2] This type of thinking arises from a mindset that tries to ignore a problem until it can’t be ignored anymore. It then seeks to apply a band-aid solution. However, such a band-aid solution will not heal the original root—that is, the thought system—that manifested the problem that is asking for your attention. So instead, cultivate within yourselves an ability to thoughtfully look at and address any self-destructive lifestyles and belief systems that lie beneath the collective issues that are commanding your attention. This will help you to find a more effective remedy.”

“I guess that many of us are afraid to look at the causes because then we might feel guilty or that we have to change how we live,” I added.

“Yes,” She responded. “You fear to go there—to the root causes of the problems in your world—with love and understanding. Not knowing any better, you can close your eyes to what could be your greatest teacher on your path to enlightenment. You close your eyes to your lessons during this time, a time where the future of earth rests on what choices you make as a collective—what choices each of you individually and together make with your hearts, your hands, your bodies, your voices, and your minds. These lessons are such that you have the capacity to learn profoundly from them. Or you can continue to seek an easy escape route from what you find difficult to face together and overcome.”

“What you say reminds me of how I feel about the idea that our thoughts can affect the molecules in a glass of water,” I brought forward. “People use this idea to assert that all we need to do to heal the polluted oceans is to focus our loving thoughts on the water while intending to have a healing effect. But then we go back to doing and supporting everything that would pollute the water all over again.”

“This is more evidence,” She said, “that you would not be learning the lesson or becoming enlightened to what is going on underneath the surface of a problem. Effectual manifestation arises from a mind that is focused on a clear intention. With a split mind, you will produce split results. To gain understanding of what your mind is doing, you have to start looking at the dream of life as a whole.”

“Can you explain that in more detail?” I asked.

“Certainly,” She answered. “As an example, if you were to wake from a dream at night, you could choose to focus on only one aspect of that dream. But it might be hard to understand the meaning of that aspect if you can’t interpret it from seeing it in relation to the entire dream.”

“As someone who has studied dream interpretation, that makes complete sense to me,” I said. “Sometimes, I have people come to me to read their dreams and all they offer me is one symbol, wanting to know what it means. I always tell them I need to know the whole dream before giving them an answer. The meaning of the symbol can often have to do with the action taking place within the dream.”

“And there you have demonstrated why action is important when it comes to what you manifest,” She encouraged me. “Action, lifestyle, culture, rules, the things you create, the things you follow and serve, even how you choose to use and spend your time and money, all have an impact upon the overall dream that is manifested, personally and collectively. All these types of action arise from the belief systems you have been conditioned into. They represent the illusions—or dreams—that you think are real. You can choose to only focus on a small part, such as your material affluence, but you will never understand the role your material affluence has in manifesting a bigger picture if you don’t know how to look at the bigger picture to see how the two become connected as one.”

“Connected as one?” I asked.

“As I have counseled you before, you as a collective tend to view the laws of manifestation as occurring in a straightforward manner,”[3] She said. “You therefore attempt to apply these laws in only a straightforward manner. This is good in the sense that your awareness of these laws represents an evolution in your consciousness. However, it is time for you as a collective to take the next step. You need to understand how your straightforward approach has kept you from learning how to deal with the manifestations that arise in a less straightforward manner—due to what you choose to ignore or remain unconscious of.”

She continued, “Another problem occurs when your focus is on primarily satisfying your ego, which always seeks what it wants for itself alone. This blocks you from taking responsibility, and from understanding a more unified picture that you are part of.”

“How do we move beyond this?” I asked.

“In order to move more fully into the peace, love, unity, and ‘oneness’ that you strive for,” She replied, “it is important for you, as humans, to become less shallow in the way you live and the way you’ve embraced spiritual concepts.”

“How are we shallow?” I asked.

“You do not delve beneath the surface enough,” She answered. “You do not care beyond your own self-interest. As has been reiterated through many of your dialogues with the natural world, you apply concepts to the spiritual realm and then you try to feel for how they are true, rather than learning to apply them within your physical reality as well.”

“I see,” I said.

“As a collective, you tend to make too many excuses,” She continued. “So it makes sense that in your spiritual understanding, you remain split—unable to bridge what you know of one world with the other. This is why, as I have suggested before, many of you will tend to seek to run away into a safe mental realm of denial.”

“Our denial does come in handy,” I said.

“Denial may come in handy,” She advised, “because your feeling of separation consciousness is too familiar, safe, and comfortable for you to want to abandon. The drive to excel in the world and to get ahead is like an addiction you fear to give up in order to embrace a more unified way to live. You thrive off your ability to compete with others. You also thrive off the resentments that such an approach to life stimulates. It is difficult for you to put all this to bed. So, in essence, you live in two different worlds and realities. One tells you to embrace how you are perfect and whole within the world of spirit, while the other tells you that you must act out an opposite agenda of being separated, self-serving, and crude. You lack the middle step, the bridge that your masters attempted to teach you.”

“What is that bridge?” I asked.

“The bridge represents the desire to know the truth through examining the fruits (that is, your manifestations) that spring from seeds (that is, your thoughts and intentions). The bridge also represents the desire to know the fruits that spring from what you choose to follow and serve. Following what is false—or instruction from a false prophet—yields less loving fruits. Following what is truth—or instruction from a true prophet—yields fruits of love and reverence for the Holy Spark that fills you and all that is living.”

“Some people tend to see a false prophet as someone who doesn’t intuitively predict things perfectly,” I said. “Others may see a false prophet as someone who speaks in God’s name but isn’t really speaking his true words or agenda.”

“A false prophet,” She explained, “is anything you follow or serve, including a person, dogma, or institution, that offers you, as humans, a false agenda to live by, which ends up leading you further away from truth. You, as the masses, then follow these types of lifestyles and agendas believing they are the ‘way.’ This said, the false prophets of the world are not necessarily nefarious, but more likely unconscious of what is the truth. In their state of unconsciousness, they shape their doctrines from what they learned to believe and from what they misunderstand about the world.”

There was a short pause as I attempted to process everything She was imparting, and then I heard Her message continue, “It is time to wake up to the truth again—the truth that the masters taught. For the masters taught a path of releasing suffering and coming to enlightenment through letting go of your over-attachment to the world and to sin or unconscious actions.”

“How does their teaching us to pray fit into everything?” I asked.

“Sin can be released through the application of meditation or prayer,” She instructed, “and prayer can be considered a form of thought and reverence for what is truly holy. Thus, many masters offered a path of prayer and reverence for what is holy as an alternative to the sinful path of worshiping what is false—or what takes you, as humans, away from reverence. In essence, the masters taught the path of releasing what is false, including false idols, through attempting to teach why these things were false and why they led to suffering and separation from the Holy Father, Great Spirit, Source, or whatever you would like to give as a label.

“That makes sense,” I confirmed.

“Many of the lessons of your former masters,” She continued, “focused on how to let go of the world. Such individuals sought to teach their followers to see the world as a prison and a place of corruption of what is holy and truthful. The world was considered corruptive and sinful to the masters because its social rules, laws, punishments, and definitions corrupted humankind’s ability to understand something beyond those restrictions. Also, because the focus on the world would have you search within it for your own value—for instance, who you are in the eyes of others, society, government, etc.—it blocks you from understanding the truth of who you are to the Divine. It similarly blocks you from understanding who you are in relation to the whole of life, understanding that every living thing that contains the divine spark is connected and holy.”

“So, we were taught about sin as a way to steer us to the right path rather than to make us feel bad if we strayed,” I postulated.

“Yes,” She agreed. “However, without the ability to understand how the world they worshipped and your lifestyles were leading you toward manifesting false fruits, many followers were unable to fully understand or appreciate why the masters taught about sin, suffering, and the importance of releasing their attachments—for their own good.”

“Now, many of us have become comfortable in our state of sin,” I said.

“Yes,” She affirmed. “A lifetime of sin has become normal for many of you. However, it was never the holy part of you that was sinful. It was merely the illusion you became lost in that was sinful. Such an illusion could never represent the truth of what you are.”

“I never really thought of it that way,” I said to Her.

The message of Mother Earth continued, “Too many of you are living by the codes of the world and of those who hold power and influence, feeling you have no other option. This is despite the fact that you have been educated that Jesus died to rescue you from this kind of sin and ignorance. His message was to follow his example. In essence, he wanted you to believe in him and the path he followed. However, because you felt unable to truly follow him, you as humans chose to simply worship him as Jesus the man rather than as an example of Christhood or Buddhahood.”

“That is true,” I said. “Many of us have been conditioned to think that all we have to do is believe in Jesus as a God-person and it is enough to help us out of our self-deceptive machinations.”

“You partially believed this due to your own feelings of helplessness, and the feeling you have no other choice but to serve what defeats you, and what leads you into more suffering and sin,” She encouraged me. “But, the way out has been paved for you. This ‘way’ asks you to renounce a world of unholiness that you have become overly attached to in order to enter a world of holiness in which you will recognize God’s grace and magnificence everywhere.”

“That sounds like it should be so simple,” I said.

“The path is a simple one,” She reassured me, “because it simply asks for you to become simpler, to become gentler. But here, gentleness does not mean passivity, for through their gentleness the masters simultaneously taught you how to be brave. That is, they taught you to be peaceful non-conformists. They taught the opposite of complacency. As teachers, they had become brave enough to challenge the way humans live in order to break all that humankind has been conditioned by. They did all of this in order to live in a more divinely aligned way.”

“Our need for approval, I’m sure, blocks many of us from being brave enough to walk away from aspects of society the way the masters did,” I said. “Our addictive behavior likely blocks us from letting go of a lot of what we could benefit from letting go of as well.”

“Yes,” Mother Nature validated. There was a brief pause in our dialogue and then She began to address the topic of our addictions.

“You, as humans,” She said, “can suffer from a kaleidoscope of addictions. Many of you never question these addictions because it seems as if everyone around you is similarly addicted. These addictions negatively impact not only your relationships but your ability to co-create with Me, your Divine Mother, in a way where life everywhere can thrive and be honored and respected.

“True,” I affirmed. “Most of us within the Western world do have a hard time questioning or letting go of our addictions.”

“Your addictions are crushing you,” She counseled. “But you cannot always see how you are being crushed because everywhere you look in the world, addiction is applied as a means to survive.”

“Can you give me an example of this?” I asked Her. “I want to know that I fully grasp what you are implying.”

“Your addiction to various forms of media,” She replied, “is most concerning as it shapes your minds, attitudes, and belief systems in ways that can pull you further away from your path if you choose to indulge them. Some of your commercials even point to how dysfunctional the world and your striving has become, using this as a pitch to convince you that you need a pill, quick fix, or quick means for gratification of your addictive desires.

“You are similarly addicted to foods, stimulants, depressants, intoxicants, relationships, sex, conveniences, entertainment, and even to the grid,” She continued. “These addictions leave a mark upon your forehead that you are chattel, something that is owned by the illusions, hierarchies, and corporate entities that have taken over your minds and choices.”

“Are there any other addictions we should be aware of?” I asked.

“Those of you living in the Western world specifically need to be aware of the tendency toward being workaholic, as well as your obsession over your appearance and what people think of you. Some within your collective have become addicted to shopping or even to plastic surgeries. It seems, in many ways and on many levels, countless numbers of you can never get enough. Some of you are even addicted to the Law of Attraction, attempting to use it to focus on fulfilling your other addictions and co-dependencies. Additionally, large chunks of populations are addicted to get-rich-quick schemes, fitness, supplements, energy attunements, labels to define you as special or gifted, and more. Some of you are even addicted to the need to fill your minds with an endless array of knowledge from self-help books, many of them written by gurus who offer various techniques for how to remain addicted to everything you should instead learn to let go of. Still others are addicted to courses, seminars, certifications to increase their rank, or to seeking the advice of healers or psychics. Some of you will even end up turning in this direction to help you to find ways to cope with all of the feelings of codependency, exhaustion, and being overwhelmed. After all, it is hard for you, as humans, to keep up with all the things you feel addicted to and to simultaneously deal with the feelings of depression and anxiety that result.”

“Wow, that’s pretty harsh! We sound like horribly ignorant creatures!” I exclaimed.

“If you could imagine yourself as an outsider looking upon humanity and the kind of life you carve for yourselves, you would likely question humanity’s sanity,” She replied. “It would not be an act of love to allow you to suffer in this way without helping you to better understand yourselves and your motivations.”

“I guess it is true that putting us all in straitjackets might be necessary to save us and the environment at this point,” I thought to myself with a laugh.

“Please feel comforted,” She offered lovingly, “that WE, of all that is living, are here to support you through your lessons at this time. WE are not without compassion for your plight. It does not make you less loved or worthy, within our eyes, that WE can see your situation in a clearer way than you yourselves can. And, WE understand that your intentions are not overtly malicious but merely unconscious. Many of you, as humans, don’t intend to be insane. You simply do not know any better. But, instead of feeling criticized, think of the beauty of the challenge you are being offered. Think of how exciting it would be to have the opportunity to embrace this kind of incarnation—where you would be brought up in a way that conditions you to become insane and yet to find sanity again!”

“Is there any one addiction that we can work on as an important place to start?” I asked.

“Start with your addiction to seeking everything externally,” She counseled. “Due to your heavy focus on external seeking, you can end up trying to have control over your personal lives in order to feel safe. Then, your primary focus becomes one of wanting control over the outcomes you want for your small self when a bigger picture is asking you to notice that this is creating imbalance in the world at large. Not that you should stress or worry about what is happening to the world at large. It is merely calling you to attention. However, you will likely not be able to move beyond the smallness—beyond what is truly beneath you—if you can’t learn to see how all of your actions combined would lead to your own undoing.”

There was a pause as I was feeling a little overloaded and needed to turn away from the dialogue for a bit. I got up with my pen and pad of paper to walk over to sit by the side of the river where both my cats came to join me. The construction had stopped for the day, so it was peaceful and quiet. I sat watching the stillness of the water before I would hear Mother Nature’s voice speaking to me, wanting to continue with a dialogue. “If you could see your blazing glory in the light of how it is viewed beyond the veil…” She shared.

Then, I heard, “So, allow what is beyond the veil to be your salvation rather than your addictive need to focus on your small concerns. Let heaven replace your addictions with something more worthy of you.”

“I wonder, is it our addictions that make us sinful?” I started thinking to myself.

“When you allow your mind to become programmed by your addictions, and by concepts and lifestyles that do not serve a holy cause, then this is the meaning of sin,” Mother Nature offered as a reply. “As I suggested earlier, sin is the act of turning one’s back on what is holy, not appreciating or recognizing where it lies. Sin tends to make a God of all that is addictive and unholy within the world. In essence, it worships idolatry instead of recognizing the truth. Not that anything could ever compromise what is holy and everlasting. But you are here on a glorious journey to overcome sin and to favor what shines a light.”

I started thinking back to other dialogues where She discussed how the word “evil” was “live” spelled backwards. Then I heard Mother Nature chime in again.

“To commit evil is to turn life backwards on itself,” She said. “This is why people who murder are considered evil. They willfully destroy life where it exists. They fail to recognize the spirit within a living being as a holy thing. Thus, to be afflicted by evil means not to revere what is holy and what contains the Holy Spark. Collective evil is demonstrated by your collective efforts to create a lifestyle and reality that does the same thing.”

“It seems so hopeless,” I said while feeling discouraged. “I don’t think many of us can change our ways that easily even if we try.”

“All that is required is to turn back,” She offered, “turn back to the light that exists within all life. Turn back, because you are being called. Turn back because heaven and all its angels sing your praises. They wait in anticipation for when you can turn back to revere and to love all that contains the Holiest of Sparks. Learn for yourselves a process of atonement—a process that makes you right again with the One and brings you into right alignment. Make this atonement your primary focus with anything you wish to manifest rather than only focusing on manifestation in terms of material gain. Make atonement a more cherished goal than the small things you can have and obtain for yourselves.”

“You make it sound as if we are to have nothing,” I reproached her.

“Not nothing. Just enough,” was Her loving reply, “…enough to live in harmony and balance with everything around you.”

I then thanked Mother Nature for her wisdom and, as a few last words, She offered, “Grace be to all.”

[1] In other words, the state of wholeness—i.e., holiness—which comes from being connected to or “one” with the Divine.

[2] Such as pollution, war, greed, poverty, governmental abuses, nuclear power, etc.

[3] Direct manifestation moves directly from pure thought to its manifestation, such as thinking the thought “I am healthy” and it manifesting health. Indirect manifestation arises from the little unthought of thoughts; i.e., it is about the little things we do and think in a daily way that communicate that we believe in our health, take care of ourselves, etc., which can be spoken through our lifestyles, choices, habits, etc. If we trash ourselves (or the planet), it communicates that we don’t care about ourselves. This, then, could block manifestation of health whether we are thinking the affirmation “I am healthy” or not.

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