Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Chapter 12 - “Allow Yourselves to Witness the Magic in Life”

Ladybug on door
As I was sitting cross-legged by the river’s edge on a beautiful fall day, my cat Cricket approached and began to hug my legs. We sat together for a while, and I petted her for a bit while observing my surroundings. Many ladybugs were flying all around us. Some were even landing in my hair. This seemed to happen every fall; the ladybugs would emerge, many seeking refuge in my home.

I had always been taught that ladybugs were a totem to denote abundance, luck, and blessings. Knowing this, I became curious as to what kind of inspired writing would come through if I were to ask the ladybug for her insight on the topic of abundance. A message started coming through right away.

“Focus on what you already have,” were the first words I heard and wrote down. “See the blessings that are already in form and everywhere. This way, your true treasures will not be wasted through a lack of appreciation for them.”

The ladybug continued, “It has become an easy habit for many of you to undervalue what deserves to be valued. This undervaluing process of what deserves to be valued leads to the loss of something precious. Not that it is necessary to cherish and preserve what is impermanent and material. It is more about learning to cherish what is permanent within your material existence—that is, to value the life spark of living things.”

“Is there anything else we can do?” I asked.

“Look at yourselves in the light of the blessing that you are in spirit rather than what you seek to be in the eyes of the world,” was the answer I would hear. “Ask yourselves, why are we, as humans, so unsettled? Why is it easier for us to think of all the ways to improve upon ourselves rather than seeing the blessing that we already are?”

“Anything else?” I asked.

“Notice also how when your focus is on manufacturing abundance, it seems to simultaneously be preoccupied with lack,” continued the ladybug, “since the need to manufacture more of something naturally arises from the feeling of not having enough of it. When trapped in this kind of mindset, gratitude becomes reserved for only special occasions. But that gratitude never lasts for long. An internal feeling of emptiness stimulates a new desire to manufacture something more.”

“What can we do to overcome our tendency to have a lack of gratitude?” I asked.

“Allow yourselves to sit for a time in stillness,” the ladybug suggested. “While sitting in stillness, count the miracles you observe in nature, the miracles you observe in your body, and the perfection of who and what you are in spirit. Allow your concepts and definitions pertaining to gratitude, abundance, and blessings to revolve around these miracles. As you do so, feel the beating of your heart. Then, feel your breath moving in and out. These things are miracles, are they not?”

“I guess so, but not many of us can have our mind focused on the miracle of our beating heart all day long,” I responded.

“Why not?” was the question that was posed.

“Because that would feel like too much effort and work,” I replied.

“Are you saying that the effort you put into your focus on the future and all the things you can have and own isn’t work?” suggested the ladybug.

“Okay, you got me there,” I agreed.

“So knowing that your breath and the beating of your heart are miracles, why not rejoice in them?” the ladybug offered. “These miracles allow your soul to remain housed in your physical body for some duration, a precious vessel that many of you can undervalue through not understanding its precious charge. Instead of feeling value for your body, many of you can feel a sort of disdain. Few of you have been taught how to appreciate its purpose and what it has to offer you. Its purpose becomes replaced with the expectation that your body must assist you in your endeavor to acquire money and manufactured treasures that contain no real miracle at all.”

“Unfortunately, our tendency toward survival consciousness can take precedence,” I said.

“Yes,” the ladybug replied. “But, this does not mean that you cannot learn to recognize and appreciate what goes beyond survival-thinking in a greater way. What is being asked of you is to learn how to recognize and appreciate when enough is enough. For you, as humans, tend to experience difficulty when it comes to allowing yourselves to settle down and feel contented with what you have and are. This said, we are not expecting that you master these lessons in terms of all or nothing. You are merely, for the time being, asked to be open to releasing what does not serve you or that you do not need.”

“Oh, I see,” I said.

Then the energy changed a little and I heard the ladybug impart, “WE would love to see more of you allow yourselves to witness the magic in life! Don’t let it pass you by! Don’t allow so much beauty to escape your notice. Many of you are too hard on yourselves, and for this WE, of all that is living, feel compassion. You push yourselves and strive so hard. However, you can then start to resent that you feel you have to push and strive so hard. It is like you have trapped yourselves and feel helpless as to whether you can ever halt this never ending busy-ness of pushing and striving. All this pushing and striving puts you at odds with one another as well.”

“I guess that is true,” I said. “It can cause us to be jealous or envious of others who seem to have gained more out of their striving.”

“In addition to this,” counseled the ladybug, “if some of you should feel you have not succeeded enough in the eyes of the world, you could end up depressed, feeling that you should give up. Others of you might strive to try even harder. When this happens, many of you can end up resenting yourselves, resenting your bodies, or resenting their need for rest and nurturance. You can end up resenting your relationships or even resenting your resentments.”

“That is a lot of resentment to carry,” I said.

“You, as humans, tend to resent and judge yourselves and others for not being beautiful enough, perfect enough, thin enough, or other things,” informed the ladybug. “You can also judge yourself and others for being tired and unable to keep up with the self-defeating demands that appear to be a condition by which you are accepted as part of society.”

The voice continued, “This is a mirror for how you tend to deal with the natural world and even your new age spiritual progress as well.”

“What do you mean by that?” I asked.

“As a society, you can demand too much of the natural world, feeling it has failed you if it cannot keep up or weakens due to man-made causes. Then you, as humans, resort to more strenuous and unnatural production methods to force the natural world beyond its natural limits. This is a mirror for how, in a parallel fashion, you will push your minds and bodies toward a similar goal. Even with your new age spiritual programs, you can end up scattering yourselves here and there, trying to accomplish many different agendas, feeling that this is needed for your growth and progress. You have ascension programs, DNA activations, courses, books on abundance or how to find a twin flame, healing methods, cleansing rituals, and many other things that help you avoid what is the only thing you need for your progress: stillness, simplicity, a connection to what is natural, and an ability to be present in the present moment.”

“Yes, we are a bit scattered in those ways,” I validated.

“Take a step back,” the voice requested. “Take a step back from the current way you live your life and the concepts you follow. See how lost you have become. See that state of being lost without harboring any judgment toward it. Just observe it. Only through observation and understanding can you find what is true again.”

Orb weaver spider with ladybug
Orb weaver spider with ladybug
Feeling inspired by the ladybug’s words, I thanked her for her wisdom and then decided to head indoors. However, as I was walking up my porch steps, I noticed an orb weaver spider had caught something in its web. Taking a closer look, I was shocked to see that it was a ladybug. The spider had woven it up in silk, appearing to have set it aside to eat at a later time.

It seems amazing to me how the natural world often communicates through symbols. Normally, spiders feast upon insects we would consider pests. Here, it had captured a ladybug—a symbol of blessings and abundance. I took it as nature’s way of reminding me that if we are not careful, our efforts to seek abundance could have us entangled in a web in which what is of true value can end up devoured and lost to us. It also reminded me not to let any financial concerns become a block to my enjoying life.

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