Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Chapter 18 - “Your Purpose: To Become Angels in Human Form”

While the construction crew that was working on the property had halted their activity for about four weeks, the backyard was full of what appeared to be chaos left behind. The landlord was waiting on some sort of permit or inspection. However, without so much noise and busyness going on, I did have a chance to once again sit outside on the steps of my back porch. As I sat there, I asked, “If there is any creature that desires to come forward with a message, I ask that creature to come forward now.”

Suddenly, a bee flew around the corner of the house but quickly retreated when my cat Emerald began to chase it. So I asked my question again. Sure enough, another bee flew beside me and hovered for a while, so I asked if there was any message that he or she wanted to communicate.

The first word I heard and wrote down was “angelic.” I asked, “What is angelic?” and heard the words, “Your purpose: to become angels in human form.”

“I guess we have a long way to go before we can emulate that,” I put forward, feeling a little disappointed in humanity’s (including my own) predicament of being stuck.

The bee then responded, “WE, of all that is living, wish you to feel encouraged for we see and understand your plight. We have compassion for those of you who feel trapped within your human forms, and we feel tremendously grateful for your good intentions. Though we perceive that many of you are still left dwelling on the natural world in an unnatural and often unapologetic way, we know that this has not been intentional but part of your programming in early life and throughout many generations.”

“Do you have any advice for us concerning how we can transcend some of this conditioning?” I asked.

“While many of you—out of the beauty of your heart—aspire to become more like angels in human form, being mindful of your actions can help to move you out of the realm of having beautiful aspirations into understanding more fully how to translate them into something more concrete,” the bee responded. “So, it is our hope that you can learn how to act out your positive thoughts and good intentions in loving and generous ways, realizing that you and everything else within this hive that you call ‘life’ are part of the divine and deserve to be treated as sacred.”

There was a short pause in our dialogue, and then the bee continued, “As part of the action you can take, you may wish to embrace simplicity and to steady your pace. While you are learning to use your mind to master the realm of matter, it is also important to recognize when it is necessary to give your mind a rest.”

“Is there anything else we need to know?” I asked.

“Release obsession,” the bee answered. “Occupy your mind with what truly matters. Begin to work together in ways in which you can learn how to harmonize what needs to be harmonized. You will also advance further along in your process if you can teach yourselves and others to understand that true magic has a harmonizing effect. True magic will free you from your present personal and collective confinements. False magic binds you to your fetters in life; it imprisons your choices so that you cannot manifest beyond a particular matrix or mindset that is yielding an effect—one that compromises you at a deep level.”

“By magic, do you mean our ideas about manifestation of thought into form?” I asked.

“Yes,” the bee responded, “but it is much more than that. The type of magic I speak of involves you, as humans, becoming enlightened as a lucid dreamer in the dream of life. To become more enlightened, you need to feel comfortable with challenging what has been done to the natural world in order to use any new insight or understanding toward seeing how that harm can become undone.”

Then the bee imparted, “Right now, as you look upon your world, see how everything can come into wholeness through cooperation, and through making your service to the whole your primary goal,” said the bee. “Allow yourself to understand how this type of service matters and how you can accomplish more for the whole than your self-service could accomplish for yourselves alone. The world, right now, is trying to teach you this precious lesson. To fully learn it, you must learn how to listen. The world is calling you. Pay attention for it is calling loudly for you to collectively become more hive-minded and simplicity-focused. Right now, many of you perceive that your ability to manifest external change is dependent on your ability to change at an individual level. And, yes, this is true. However, this is only one part of a step. The other half of the step is missing.”

“True,” I said. “I do think we get tripped up when we focus only on internal change without relating it back to what needs to change externally.”

The bee then imparted, “While it is true that transmutations must occur within the self, you are right in determining that they have the greatest effect of serving the whole if you can keep a focus on the bigger picture and how you affect it. Only then can you learn more concerning what will get your ‘self’ on the path of true and harmonizing love and off the path of separatedness and self-destruction.”

“If we are on the path of love, does it automatically mean that we went off the path of self-destruction?” I asked.

“Yes,” the bee responded. “And to be truly on the path of love requires establishing love through not only the mind but heart-centered action—because, for love to be established, a foundation must be built in a proper way and not haphazardly. There is a need for you to build a foundation through your actions. Loving thoughts alone are not enough to co-create a loving reality. Only through your loving efforts can you co-create loving change. In other words, you will find yourselves better able to tread on a more fruitful path if you can become hive-minded in a way that supports the hive rather than depletes it.”

I started feeling doubt concerning whether enough of us, including myself, would be able to master this kind of lesson in our lifetime. I then heard, “You can do it! You can learn to consider the benefit of the whole hive over the benefit of the mere self. Allow your mind to visualize what it would feel like to represent the entire hive instead of your mere self or only one member. While it may seem unnatural or uncomfortable to visualize that you are the whole of something rather than just a part, try regardless. Then ask of yourself, ‘When visualizing myself as the hive as a whole, what do I perceive that I need right now?’ ‘What is having a supportive effect upon me?’ ‘What is leaving me unsupported and unkempt?’”

“It seems as if we are being asked to perceive a whole community as being its own entity or having its own needs, desires, and personality,” I said.

“Yes,” replied the bee.

“Are we asked to visualize in this kind of way so that we learn a type of empathy for something collective rather than related to an individual?” I asked

“You are used to applying empathy toward placing yourself in another human’s shoes,” advised the bee. “But empathy can also be used in a bigger way to help you understand your connection to every living thing around you.”

I looked up from the message I was writing down, and the bee had been joined by another. Both of them were dancing over the hedges by my small apartment on the water. So I watched them for a while as they were partaking in their life-giving task of pollinating all the flowers. As I began thinking about how important this task of theirs is, I heard the message of the bee continue, “All that is required to fulfill your own life-giving task is to learn how to touch life in a friendly way. For it is the unfriendly touch of humankind that has left an unfriendly mark upon Mother Nature and Her living waters. Though humankind is full of holiness, many of you have forgotten how to touch life in a holy way—understanding how everything is connected.”

“That is obvious,” I affirmed.

“The touch of humankind could be gentle if you truly desired,” the bee went on, “however, it has lost its reverence; it has lost its sense of the magic it is capable of. The touch of humankind has become unholy, but only because it has failed to see how everything is connected. It has become unholy because it mistakenly allowed the beauty of what should be revered to be tarnished, ignored, and unappreciated. It has become unholy because it has demonstrated its lack of understanding of its own sacredness and how to approach the great mystery. Humankind, as a collective, has lost understanding for how to build and create with its hands and minds in a sacred way. Find that sacredness again. Don’t delay.”

“That is a powerful message,” I said. “Is there anything else you want to add?”

“Yes,” replied the bee with excitement. “Learn how to play! Learn how to play without all the gadgets and the need to distract yourself in an unnatural way with nonessentials. Learn how to play in a way that releases you from addiction, obsession, and various forms of greed. Learn to play now through being simple again and through taking enjoyment in natural treasures.”

“That’s sweet,” I said with a smile.

“Remember,” the bee’s pert message continued, “that beauty is everywhere. Magnificence is all around you. Sacredness encompasses your every act of taking a breath in and breathing it out again. Let all that is beautiful, magnificent, and divine renew you with every breath you take.”

“Do you have any final wisdom?” I asked.

“Only that we would love to see you, as humans, smile more often,” responded the bee. “When you understand what true treasure is, you will. As a guest in our universe, when you can smile at your Host and all that is hosted around you, you are in a way saying ‘thank you.’ You communicate your appreciation of all that life has provided you.”

“I will definitely try to feel this sense of appreciation more often,” I affirmed.

“You cannot keep doing as you’ve been doing and continue to evolve,” was the warning. “All we ask is for you to take one conscious step at a time. Keep things simple and allow yourself to visualize solutions to some of the larger issues of the world. You were not meant to live your lives trapped and defeated. Know that it is your purpose that this habit be outgrown.”

“It is a relief, though, that this can be taken in steps,” I admitted.

“There is a need for you, as humans,” continued the bee, “to bring your minds out from its habit of dwelling and conforming to its shadow processes and cultural conditioning. Don’t be afraid to allow your minds more flexibility and free reign. Give your mind permission to let go of its stubborn way of clinging to what needs to be left behind. Offer the mind some direction, but then let go of it for a while. Always maintain the balance.

“For example, you do not need to stress over what you feel unready for,” continued the bee, “but also do not close yourself off from the ability to envision new possibilities at the same time. Let go of too much control of your mind. Too much control will leave you feeling confined. This said, having no control isn’t the answer, either.”

As a last message, the bee communicated, “The world is waiting for you to stand up and come to attention, to come out from behind closed doors. The world is waiting for you to recognize where your collective fears, strategizations of your minds, and your excuses are leading you. Leave those strategizations behind in order to strategize new solutions. Be brave and allow your destiny to unfold.”

With this, I thanked the bee for its wisdom and put my pen and paper down. I was now feeling as if I had received an answer to almost every question I could think to ask.

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