Friday, January 8, 2016

Chapter 19 - “The Earth and Universe Are Calling You”

©  Aleksandr Lobanov |
I woke up one morning in late November after having a night filled with dreams. In one particular dream, two animals were talking to me. One of the animals was a raven while the other was a dog. The raven had a braid in its feathers over its head. In this way, it reminded me of a Native American.

The topic of their discussion was the nature of materialism. While both animals had something to say about the nature of materialism, each approached the subject from a different angle. The raven had the more scientific and mystical approach to the subject while the dog had a more simplistic approach. Both argued the dangers of our over-reliance on technology and our buy-and-sell mentality. The dog argued more for how this mentality affected our relationships. The raven argued more concerning how it prevented us from learning the true mysteries of the universe. Both animals warned about the dangers of our nuclear technology, stating that we would have to find a way to band together to resolve these types of issues, or we would be compromising the future for generations below us and to come. They said we would be able to transcend this challenge if we truly wanted to.

Having this kind of dream made me wonder, “What is the purpose of these types of dreams?” and even “What is the purpose of earth empathy in general (for those who are sensitive to natural disasters, feeling symptoms in their body)?”

In 2014, I joined an earth empathy group on Facebook looking for answers. However, I did not really find what I was looking for there. It seemed a lot of the discussion centered on how members could “shield” themselves from picking up on external energies. To me, this idea of shielding left me feeling a little perplexed. Is what we pick up—since all of us have this ability whether we know how to use it or not—something we are supposed to try and shield ourselves from? Or is what we pick up something offered to us for our ability to learn from it? I wanted to ask Mother Nature its purpose to receive Her perspective.

The first words She imparted were, “Telling the truth.”

“The truth?” I asked.

“Yes,” Mother Nature replied. “Trust what is being communicated to you.”

“Oh,” I said. “Do you mean the truth that things are disruptive and out of balance?”

“I mean the truth that the earth and universe are calling you, attempting to communicate a message,” was Her answer. “And yes, sometimes part of what may be communicated to you is that something is out of balance.”

“So, what are we meant to do with the insight we receive?” I asked. “I mean, if an earth empath sees or feels a disaster coming, are they supposed to warn others? Or is there a greater purpose?”

“The information you receive can become your teacher if you allow it to take that role,” was the reply. “Whether you use what you learn to then teach others is your decision to make.”

I took a moment to think about what She was sharing with me and what it meant. Her message then continued, “When a person empathically picks up a message that is being communicated regarding the environment, such events are, to some extent, already in form. They are potentials that are being held. For those who speak in terms of ‘vibration,’ they are a vibration that is manifesting from the vibratory level into a more concrete one.

“Seen in another way,” She continued, “If you can see the earth as having an energy body the same way a human does, you will understand that this energy body can suffer from blocks, impurities, and imbalances that can manifest into dis-ease or eruptions at times in the same way the human body can.”

“So, we aren’t supposed to ignore or deny them,” I said.

“Denying what is being communicated does not necessarily prevent a potential from occurring,” She assured me. “In fact, denying a message is simply a decision to remain unconscious regarding a potential that is forming or already in form. Awakening and becoming conscious in order to take a more mindful approach regarding an issue—without having blinders on—would yield more fruitful results.

“For example,” She continued, “if a person has cancer and never visits a doctor to receive a diagnosis, this does not mean that the cancer will cease to manifest as a problem. Such a person could deny they have cancer all they want. However, if they keep living the same way as they always have without dealing with the fact that, at a vibratory level, something is manifesting into concrete form, they are not exactly solving their problem or becoming enlightened.”

“I see,” I said.

“Also, if you notice,” continued Mother Nature, “people who see healers will, at times, experience a cure only to later relapse into their former condition. This is because a root level or a change in lifestyle was not addressed fully. A problem was merely treated at a superficial and energetic level. The same applies to the body of the earth. For example, you can heal the bodies of water of the effects of a nuclear disaster, but if you continue to use nuclear technology and another disaster happens, you have not really taken care of the real problem, leaving it as one that will likely recur.

“So,” She counseled, “if the earth, universe, nature, or other forms of life are speaking to you about the state of the whole, and you can listen and hear the message being conveyed, it allows for you to fully diagnose an issue such as whether there is an imbalance occurring at a collective level or something you need to become more conscious of. Some things that are communicated may already be in form, and there may be little you can do other than learn from them or warn others so they can be prepared. For other things that are communicated, you may have time to change your human course, especially pertaining to those things that could potentially arise from the work of human efforts. But to deny the message, or the messenger, would be the same as a patient denying their doctor or a diagnosis. Once you have a diagnosis, it is up to you whether you want to apply mindfulness, mind over matter, and/or other more grounded techniques—such as changing your beliefs or lifestyle—to resolve your state of imbalance.”

“That makes sense,” I said. “After all, how many people go through an illness who then have something to teach and share about the nature of life, becoming healthy and whole, learning to focus on what matters in life, or other things?”

“Exactly!” exclaimed Mother Nature. “As above, so below. As within, so without. Everything is a dance of communication so that you can awaken and learn the secrets of the universe that are essentially the secrets of your Self.”

“Is there any last message you want to give regarding earth empathy?” I asked.

“Change,” was the word I would hear. “It is a call for change. You are called to change less so that you can focus on a material outcome but so that you can focus on how you are part of a greater whole. What you change for the self, you change for the whole—whatever small or large impact it has. Likewise, what you change for the whole, you change for the self. This is how the dance is orchestrated. Do not be afraid to engage in the dance and to learn its steps. Do not be afraid to create a new and more holy path for yourselves and your world. Remember, you may be a guest in a greater universe, but you are a part of that universe too.”

And with this, Mother Nature had said it all. I thanked Her for Her wisdom and for the contributions She and Her creatures had offered to this story I would tell. I went outside to stand by the river’s edge, and gazed at the ducks that were swimming by. My two cats were looking up at me, as if wondering what I found so fascinating. “The beauty of creation,” were the words I would answer in my mind. I then crouched down to pet both their heads before heading inside.