Thursday, January 26, 2017

Chapter 4 - “Seeking to Maintain the Balance”

As I was sitting outside in nature, I started thinking about what the spider had communicated about love and balance. She had said to me, “Seeking to maintain the balance is an important part of learning the true nature of love.” She had also said, “Tend to life lovingly in all ways.” So, what did this all mean?

I admit that I have never really thought of love in terms of maintaining any kind of balance before. For the greater part of my life, I never even gave much thought to loving nature or animals. This wasn’t because I didn’t like nature. It was just that I rarely noticed Her. Nature was simply nature. She was something to be exploited for humankind’s own needs and advancement. Also, because nature was something I saw almost every day, She was considered too mundane to notice anything special about Her. Or, at least, so I thought.

Another factor that affected my appreciation for nature was that my childhood was one where my main preoccupation was with survival. My home hadn’t been a very loving one. Part of the abuse I endured was being forced to mistreat our pets, both cats and dogs. I admit that this taught me to dissociate from caring about animals and other life in order not to have empathy for the pain I was inflicting.

It wasn’t until my father passed away when I was thirty, and I got my first kitten, that I would realize how much love I could have for an animal. The more I allowed myself to feel this kind of love, the more I began to feel drawn to care about other animals. For example, I started to admire and take pictures of other creatures such as rabbits, groundhogs, blue jays, and cardinals that were frequently to be seen on my property. I would sit outside and watch them, feeling inspired by their individual qualities and personalities. I admit I found this fascinating, since I had never really before thought of animals as having their own unique quirks and personalities.

Then, one day I noticed a tree.  I mean, I really noticed it! It was like I saw the tree in a way I never had before. A wave of regret then came over me since I also realized that I had failed to notice so much beauty. In failing to notice, I had missed an opportunity. After this point, I would sit outside regularly during the warmer months of the year and meditate on the beauty, color, and vibrancy of the trees, plants, flowers, birds, and other creatures that had begun to inspire me in ways I had never before felt inspired.

Concurrently during this time, I was becoming more environmentally conscious. While I had been someone who wanted to recycle and care about the environment before, this was different.  Prior to really caring about nature, my interest in environmentalism was mainly about protecting the environment so that the future of humans on this planet could be protected. Thus, my interest was more in self-preservation.  After finding a love for animals, however, I wanted to protect life because I saw it as something to be treasured. I saw Life with a capital L as worthy of protection in the same way humans were.

Shortly after the Gulf oil spill of 2010, I really started changing how I looked at the world and our human imprint upon it. It seemed as if the more man-made disasters occurred, the more I realized how many of us were caving into lifestyles that made them more likely. The more I started thinking about this, the more I started wondering whether the lifestyles that we all so easily support and adhere to put us at cross purposes with our true goals (whether they are personal, collective, or environmental). I started to realize that if we truly were to understand how to be loving creatures, we would be required to change and confront our tendency to be apathetic and to adhere to what doesn’t really work for us anymore.  I was even starting to notice how within the new age community (which I had been a part of since my early twenties), there were catchphrases and philosophies that we apply which, depending on how we use them, can keep us stuck.  For example:
  • Everyone has a right to his or her own path
  • It is wrong to “judge” people
  • Everything that happens is “meant to be” or was supposed to happen
  • Everything is an illusion, so we shouldn’t worry about it
  • Fear is the opposite of love
  • Other directives that keep us focused on feeling good, having a sense of entitlement, denying a sense of accountability, or being passive
After all, if we were standing in front of someone who had their finger on a button to destroy the earth, would we really waste time arguing that they had a right to their own perceptions, beliefs, or path?  That it was “meant to be” this way?  Or, would we, instead, think of the needs of children, nature, future generations, or the whole?

After reading a book called The Empathy Trap: Understanding Antisocial Personalities by Jane and Tim McGregor, I had a real “aha” moment. For those who have not heard of this book, it discusses how in most cases of ongoing abuse, there is an abuser, victim, and “apath” (or apaths) triad. The apath’s role in this triad is to consciously or unconsciously support or enable abuses. They are often apathetic to the pain of the abused and will either stand by doing nothing when abuse is taking place or will actively support or protect the abuser. While the book focuses on how this triad often presents itself in situations involving bullying, I started realizing that it also presents itself when it comes to our collective state of affairs. After all, many of us can feel uncomfortable with upsetting the status quo or risking the loss of what makes us feel secure. Thus, we can become apathetic when it comes to the effect that societal ideals, corporations, authorities, and mindsets have upon the greater world, nature, animals, and even our children. We fail to protect that which needs our protection in order to offer our continued support and protection to what would take advantage out of greed, profit, or lust for power.

I began to think about how our new age ideas regarding manifestation fit into this picture since, as new agers, we are encouraged to believe that everything that happens in the world first arises from thought. I also began to wonder what Mother Nature would have to say on this subject. Then, I heard Her speak to me:

“Everything first arises from thought and belief. If this is true, then it must follow that what you buy, sell, make, create, and how you behave as a guest in our universe arises from your thoughts, wants, and beliefs, as well. So, what are you truly and collectively thinking, wanting, and believing, and why?  Or, do many of you even know?”

Within my mind, I began to rationalize how most of us have never been taught to think in any other way than we currently do. I then heard Mother Nature respond:

“This is largely why, within the new age community, there is such a discrepancy between your intention to become a healing and loving influence within the greater world and the more concrete reality that you manifest for yourselves. The fruits never lie, and the current fruits of your collective labor[1] reveal that your new age intention to be a loving force within the world is not a clear or focused one. It is being contradicted by other intentions that may support a different agenda.”

She then continued, “Another part of the problem is that you, as new agers, have yet to collectively understand that the Law of Attraction is a simple and practical law as well as a mystical one. If you only look for the mystical—that is, the translation of direct and conscious thought into manifestation—you will miss the less direct and less conscious translations—that is, the fruits and symbols of your labor that are commanding your attention everywhere you look.”

“I am starting to realize this,” I agreed with Her.

“Yes, but you as a collective haven’t yet fully grasped the nature of your split intentions,” She argued. “Many of you haven’t grasped that your mind is trying to manifest a resolution to the larger problems of the world in a split fashion. While your conscious mind may be focused on having a loving effect upon the landscape of your world, your unconscious mind is engaged in an acting-out process that sabotages your primary agenda. With two opposing intentions—one focused upon changing the world for the better and the other focused on never challenging your behavior—neutrality results. You may even end up compounding the various issues you seek to resolve.”

There was a brief pause as I reflected upon the message I was writing down. Then, the message continued, “When your minds are not focused on the beauty within life or in treating it as sacred, your thoughts lead to actions and lifestyles that reflect the belief that life has little value, or is not to be seen as treasure. This is not to be held against you, however. It is to your misfortune that what you have been collectively taught to value lies in a form of man-made constructing of endless items and conveniences. These items may offer you comfort, but they are largely empty of any true value or life.”

“I think we tend to focus in that way due to our current definitions of abundance,” I offered. “We are largely taught to define abundance as an accumulation of money and things.”

“Yes,” She said. “You’ve been mentally conditioned to attach these commodities to your current definition of abundance. However, WE, of all that is living, would prefer that humanity begin to define ‘abundance’ through what you have already been blessed with. WE prefer that you would perceive abundance within all the natural treasure that lies within and around you.”

She continued, “If you focus only on what can be ‘produced’ by way of ‘abundance’—never feeling you have produced enough—then, doesn’t it make sense that what would manifest from this type of focus is that a more natural and unmanufactured kind of abundance would begin to disappear?”

“Yes, it does,” I said, feeling a little remorseful.

“All you have to do is notice how true abundance is beginning to disappear or become extinct in places to know I speak the truth here,” She admonished. “True abundance is being substituted by all that has become a shallow replacement. For, at the collective level, the focus on true and natural abundance is disappearing from your minds, hearts, and priorities, failing to be treasured or valued in a concrete way. The more it does so—that is, the more it disappears from your thoughts, hearts, and priorities—unfortunately, the more it disappears from the physical landscape of your waking lives. So, there is the need for you to comprehend how collective manifestation follows intention in both direct and indirect ways. There is, likewise, a need to bring to light those human intentions that are hidden, unconscious, disguised, or even diseased.”

“It seems that life can communicate our personal definitions of even the words we use and what is important to us as a species,” I observed.

“Yes, of course!” my instructor agreed.

“It also seems that we cannot always see how our definitions are impacted by our culture and lifestyles,” I put forward. “We cannot always see the effects that arise from these definitions either.”

“Yes,” She responded. “The thoughts beneath certain lifestyles you live by and certain behaviors you as humans condone are all shaped by the mental conditioning you’ve received for most of your lives. Because such beliefs are conditioned into you—and, because you feel helpless to find another way to live that will sustain you—certain ‘thoughts’ go unrecognized or unchallenged.  They are thought of as ‘normal.’”

“I see,” I said.

“You ‘believe’ that you need your lifestyle, after all, to support you,” She carried on. “You cannot see any other way to survive.  Everyone is living the same way, so it is hard to find fault or to question the sanity of your collectively accepted approaches.”

“It is interesting that we don’t think to use our thoughts to ‘manifest’ a solution to some of our societal and environmental issues,” I said. “We seem to want to ignore them instead.  It seems we wish to just focus on a happy outcome. We may not take the time to think about what that happy outcome might look like. We only know we want to create a more peaceful and loving world than we live in now.”

“And, without the ability to visualize the outcome you want to manifest, and what bringing that outcome into form would entail, you will have difficulty actualizing it,” She responded. “The fruits that arise within the world are evidence of your confused and split intentions.”

“Yes, you’ve said that before,” I offered. However, Mother Nature had more to say on this matter.

“Instead of attempting to deny the realities upon the earth that have manifested,” She said, “hoping that if you keep a positive mindset, they will resolve themselves, you could seek to move backwards from what has already been manifested to understand the thoughts and belief systems that lie underneath. This could help you to understand your collective way of thinking, living, and believing more deeply, including what such ways of thinking communicate about your understanding, or lack thereof, of a more loving purpose or Self-concept.”

As I continued to sit outside by the river’s edge with my cat Cricket nuzzling her head against my legs and my attention upon the ripples on the water, I let my mind begin to wander concerning all I had written down. I started thinking about how sometimes philosophies are put forward that suggest we are not supposed to think about some of the realities unfolding on earth. We are taught that to give attention to such unfolding realities is the path of fear and not love. We are simultaneously taught to see fear as the opposite of love. But, I had always noticed that this way of looking at things can sometimes make us more afraid in the long run—particularly of our negative emotions.

Wanting to know what Mother Earth had to say on this topic, I put forth to Her, “In the ‘love and light’ movement, we seem to be taught to separate fear from love in a way that generates more fear, including the fear of looking at outcomes in a way that allows us to move backwards from their fruits to see the seeds of thinking underneath. This is because we are taught that to focus in this way will lead to making an issue worse. Is there any validity to this?”

“Yes and no,” She replied.

“So, there is some validity,” I affirmed.

“Yes,” She answered, “but, think of it this way: if you fail to look at things in order to understand the cause, it only makes sense that you repeat what you have failed to learn from and, thus, manifest more of the same.”

“That does seem true,” I said.

“Even if you think of many of your healing modalities, whether they are alternative or conventional, you generally use the approach of treating a cause in order to have an effect,” She argued. “Many of you within the new age movement will even talk to psychics in order to understand your situations or healing issues better in order to transform them. This reveals that most of you understand there is a deeper cause and effect process going on beneath any state of disharmony or disease. You also, on some level, understand that this disharmony can be rectified through being brought to the light of your awareness in order for you to experience a cure. You simply have yet to apply this understanding to the bigger picture or the body of the earth.  For in your present state of being unenlightened, you will likely prove ineffective with manifesting any form of lasting healing—using pure thought and intention alone—if you at an individual, collective, or semi-collective level cannot understand what is going on beneath the surface.  Understanding must come first to some degree.”

“How can people get beyond the fear of viewing this approach as indulging in something ‘negative’?” I asked.

“It is your own minds that have determined things to be positive or negative instead of what is,” She answered. “You could choose, instead, to see it as an adventure, a challenge to learn from, or a puzzle to solve.”

“I’m sure half of what the current world deems to be positive is actually having a destructive effect upon life in general,” I said.

“Everything in moderation…,” was what I heard next. “It is less that you need to never experience anything your world would currently deem to be ‘positive’ so much as there needs to be a balance. Right now, the world is mirroring the fact that humankind has gone outside the bounds of healthy moderation. In doing so, it has upset the status quo.”

Then, Mother Nature continued on a new tangent, “As a collective, you could further your awakening process if more of you could understand that while there is a Law of Attraction, there are other laws that are in effect as well.”

“Other laws?” I asked.

“Yes,” She answered. “For example, there is a Law of Balance and a Law of One. These laws, with the Law of Attraction, overlap to some degree. Through only paying attention to the Law of Attraction, many of you will only be able to understand this law in a limited sense; you will only see it as a law that pertains to the manifestations that arise from your individual thoughts. You will block yourself from seeing and understanding what manifests from your more collective belief systems and cultural conditioning.”

“Can you give an example?” I asked.

“As an example, the abuse of a child is not the product of the thinking of that particular child alone,” She put forward. “This type of belief blames the child for the abuse they suffer. It implies that the child caused their parent to abuse them through holding certain thoughts and beliefs.”

“And, because that is a hard thing to believe, we tell ourselves that children come in with karma or a plan to experience that kind of abuse,” I said.

“That might be true,” She answered. “However, instead of seeing the Laws of Attraction in this limited sense, you could also consider the abuse of a child to be the product of the thoughts of the abusive parents, whose pattern of acting out is a product of an even bigger societal or ancestral picture. So, the abused child did not attract molestation or abuse by his or her mere thinking alone. This would still be true even in cases where he or she may have chosen to experience abuse prior to incarnation.”

“I never thought of it that way,” I said.

“So much benefit could come if more of you could allow yourselves to start thinking of it in that way,” She responded. “That is, if you wish to be able to more clearly understand the state of your world and the effect that your societal beliefs are having on My bounty. Otherwise, you limit yourselves from being enlightened as to how to get out of your state of collectively being stuck in a rut.”

“How can we start to see this collective level of manifestation that you speak of?” I asked.

“You can start by understanding that the physical dimension and what is happening to it mirrors your level of spiritual understanding, as a collective. It mirrors your purpose as well,” She answered.

“What is our purpose?” I asked.

“Your purpose is to seek within for who you truly are, without getting lost in trying to find a sense of completion externally,” She answered. “When you step off this path, whether collectively or individually, then your world will begin to communicate to you that this is what is happening. It does this through speaking to you through symbols. Sometimes, these symbols get lost or integrated into a state of normalcy. The communication is still there, however, and can still be attended to.”

“It seems some symbols speak to us more loudly than others,” I said.

“Everything in your world speaks to you in its own language,” She said. “In essence, life is a piece of music, a script, a dance. It is communication. It is consciousness. If you pay attention, you will notice that the symbols of the world and what you manifest are constantly communicating to you their causes and effects. What can be created can either be a pleasant song or one that is out of harmony.”

There was a brief pause and then the message of Mother Nature continued, “The natural world, when in balance, can only be symbolic of a state of perfection. When brought out of balance due to human efforts, it reflects how a collective of individuals and their belief systems are communicating something disharmonious rather than congruent. Within low populations of individuals, this disruption would naturally be less noticeable. Within higher populations, it would naturally be more noticeable. This is because the greater the number of individuals who accept a certain belief, the greater the collective effect of that belief will be.”

“But with greater population, there might also be greater opportunity to learn from the effect we are having and also to have a positive effect, if we wanted to,” I said.

“When you can recognize the beautiful in what is natural, you come closer into contact with what is natural within yourself,” She expressed. “When the world begins to communicate that harm is coming to what is natural, then this mirrors that a predominant number of individuals—large enough to influence a collective—have split off from their true Selves. In other words, they have lost a true connection with their natural Source and are excessively seeking to find it externally in the world—through external efforts and/or what is artificial or manufactured.”

“That makes sense,” I affirmed.

“If you, as a collective, can begin to see this type of communication—of where harm is coming to what is natural—and what needs to be provided as an answer, then profound changes can be effected,” She said. “Therefore, begin to see life as a dialogue. It will help you to see more clearly what has remained hidden from you.”

“What did you mean when you said that we can become aware of ‘what needs to be provided as an answer’?” I asked Her.

“I meant that through your beliefs, deeds, and efforts, you have an effect upon the greater world around you,” She replied, “and through this effect you have upon the world, you communicate with it and it communicates something back through a mirroring process. For example, if the world is communicating it is out of balance due to man-made pollution and other destructive behaviors, then you have the power, as a collective, to change this so that the world can begin to communicate something different. However, the communication first arose within you as a collective—meaning, you acted out onto the world in a polluting way and from a mindset that supports the poisoning of the Self and the whole. Then, the world mirrored back—that is, communicated—that it was polluted.  In other words, the effect you have on the greater world leaves a footprint.  This footprint symbolizes whether the natural world found your mode of communication loving or harmful. You then have the opportunity to learn to amend your communication style if the footprint left by you, as a part of humankind, was harmful to the world around you.”

“That’s a beautiful way to see how we interact with life all around us,” I said.

“Yes,” She replied. “And, when you become willing to amend your communication style, you can begin to collectively communicate a form of loving response that attracts from My bounty, your body, and life’s fruits something which mirrors that you have found your way back onto the true path.”

“But there has to be a balance as you say,” I reminded Her.  “We would not be able to survive if we never sought anything externally.”

“The fact that there has been an excessive amount of harm done over a long period of time, in combination with their being an excessive amount of humans on the planet, makes your situation graver concerning the need for more drastic action to restore balance—that is, the need to stop what you are doing in some way,” She answered.  “But, remember, this is also the ideal time to learn a form of communication that without such gravity, the call for action might be too silent to hear or learn from.”

A pause passed between us for a while before Mother Nature began speaking to me again:

“While mystics have been able to survive without too much external seeking, it is more about being respectful of a Law of Balance. Everything in your external world is constantly communicating to you through symbols. It is currently communicating that within your human efforts there is too much noise and busy-ness. Your minds are too distracted, polluted, and dominant. Within many of your hearts, you feel lost and ache from within. With many of you, your soul is seeking completion. It is seeking love. It is seeking joy. It is seeking to know itself. However, as the symbols in the world communicate, a predominant number of you are looking in one direction more than any other and therefore creating an imbalance. Many of you have become excessively lost in various desires: for external conquest, money, manufactured items, conveniences, and more.”

“I see,” I said.

“As a result,” She carried on, “there is so much unhappiness within humanity, despite its efforts to strive toward obtaining happiness through external pursuits.  There is so much of a feeling of being lost.  There is so much of a sense of disconnection; though, you may try to use various techniques or approaches to rectify this.”

“How can we begin to overcome this feeling of being lost?” I asked Her.

“The way out is through honoring what is being communicated through the natural world regarding how to get back onto the true path,” She responded. “Honoring this form of communication can lead you back home again to one another, all of creation, and your Holy Spark.”

“You were mentioning that there exists a Law of Balance,” I said. “How can we make use of this law?”“You can make use of this law through learning how to tread a path between various extremes and polarities,” She answered. “For example, one form of polarity communicates that wherever you manifest excess through your worldly efforts, you will simultaneously manifest depletion or loss. Said in another way, the excessive drive and predisposition toward creating excess has started to grow out of control, thereby simultaneously creating an out-of-control situation when it comes to depletion. This is evident from My bounty, which is becoming depleted despite having once thrived in a state of balance and harmony.”

“Yes, I can see that,” I affirmed. “I also see it in our own self talk. I see how when we too excessively want for more and more, this must come from a place of feeling we do not have enough.”

“Yes,” She confirmed. “Unfortunately, many of you, as humans, are so focused upon manifesting excess for yourselves that you cannot see the polarity mantra that has risen from this kind of pursuit. This mantra mirrors back to you your chronic disposition toward never feeling that you are or have enough. In essence, you end up repeating to yourselves over and over again a mantra that affirms that you feel you are lacking in something and need more—rather than learning to appreciate what you have while feeling blessed.”

“True!” I exclaimed.

“Wherever external striving results in excess,” She counseled, “you will also simultaneously manifest depletion. This is because as one of your mantras manifests (the one focused on acquiring excess), so will its polar opposite (the one that arises from your fear of loss). Any depletion that results may not so much manifest in a magical way through magical thinking or affirmations, so much as it will manifest through the efforts you make to overcompensate for your feelings of lack. This is why finding the middle path between extremes is the best approach to life.”

“I don’t think many of us can understand this, though,” I said. “It is likely many of us can’t see where our drive for manifesting excess is producing loss at another level.”

“Your tendency, as humans, is to focus on what you do not have,” She advised. “This tendency arises from an unconscious place within many of you, and WE are not without compassion. WE, of all that is living, understand that the fear of lack is something that you are conditioned to embrace through your culture, and its promise that you can find happiness and success through adopting a mindset geared toward acquisition. Because many of the ways you tend to think and respond are a part of your culture and your way of feeling accepted, many of you may not think to examine or let go of those belief systems that teach you to feel lacking.”

“It seems like an endless maze,” I said. “Even looking at Your bounty, I can see where our collective drive to manifest excess has manifested the depletion of Your resources and vitality. Not only do we deplete Your resources, but we likewise pollute them.”

“At a personal level, your bodies begin to manifest this state of depletion and pollution as well,” She reminded me. “Your bodies become hosts to all sorts of lower energies that arise from your predispositions and beliefs that you need to adhere to what is lower in energy within the world in order to complete yourself.”

“I never thought of that,” I said.

“Many of you would benefit from understanding that when your drive for excess is a drive toward accumulating what is unnatural and man-made, you eclipse your desire to connect with, respect, and value what is natural,” She informed. “As a result, what is natural begins to disappear in some manner. This is thought moving directly into form. However, many of you may not see this because of how subtly you have been conditioned not to. This leads many of you to experience a sense of helplessness at an unconscious level. For many of you cannot always see how when you focus too heavily upon what is lifeless—unable to  honor, treasure, or find joy in what has life anymore—you manifest more of the same.”

“I can now see that,” I articulated.

“What you may not see,” She continued, “is how your collective experience is communicating where life as a whole is beginning to cave in on itself due to a lack of being supported or valued. Life is not appreciated or cared for anymore; the same way I, your Earth Mother, am not appreciated. So, WE, of all that is living, begin to speak to you our truth through the various symbols that result—such as from how man has mistreated what is natural through excessive mining, fracking, waste wells, drilling for oil, and other efforts. It takes both producers and consumers to create this kind of global problem.”

“From what you are saying, it seems the Law of Attraction can be used to help us examine what life is communicating to us,” I said. “And through understanding how our thoughts and beliefs play into what is being communicated, this can help guide us between extremes.”

“Your spiritual journey can be considered a journey in finding all that you can release that does not reflect nor serve the Self,” She responded. “In everything you release, there is something you can gain. You can begin to realize that beyond all of the dualities that you manifest, there exists a state of present-moment-ness where two polarities can be held at the same time. However, this may seem confusing to most of you, and your ego will likely try to advocate this as an excuse for you to continue to pursue extremes. A less difficult task, for now, may be to find the middle path between all the extremes you live by.”

“Shouldn’t finding the middle path be easy for us?” I asked Her.

“Finding the middle path between extremes may prove difficult for those in whom there is too much fear of lack,” She instructed. “In fact, this is a good test to see where you have hidden fears that can be brought to light.  For example, if you can truly understand the Law of Attraction and how it has been misused to further fear rather than tranquility, you will see how controlled many of you feel by your thoughts of fear of loss and not having enough. You will then be able to understand how and why your minds and belief systems—having become polluted with many desires for advancement—have manifested an emotional, mental, physical, and environmental state of depletion and pollution at the same time. This includes the manifestation of physical states of depletion within your individual bodies that result from increased exposure to what is unnatural, chemical, and/or parasitical.”

“What is the best way we can begin to come into balance and/or overcome these polarities?” I asked.

“Use the fruits that have manifested upon My bounty as your guide,” She responded. “Let them speak to you. Listen to and understand what they communicate about what is collectively being manifested and why. Let these fruits communicate which beliefs have most effectively served you on your collective path and which beliefs can be let go.”

“Is there anything else?” I asked.

“Remember that everything is connected and that you are a guest in a greater universe,” She responded. “Face your fears of going without and of going against the grain. Understand your connection with everything in a new and more grounded way.”

“A more grounded way?” I asked.

“Yes,” She said, and then continued with her message. “A problem occurs when humans come to feel superior or indifferent toward Me and my living bounty, rather than connected and part of a greater whole.  Many of you are programmed by the collective unconscious to care too much about humanity’s fate alone. Conditioned by such a mindset, and ruled by concepts of ‘love’ that favor overprotecting humans at the expense of all other life, you can end up unconsciously enabling yourselves in your misunderstanding of who you truly are and what love is truly about.”

“True,” I said. “Even when we talk about ‘oneness,’ we seem to relate it to being ‘one’ with only other humans and only in the spiritual dimension.”

“Yes,” she said. “This is the definition you feel most comfortable with. This is not to say you have not advanced to any degree, for you are learning, very quickly, regarding how to bridge the material world with the spiritual one. You simply have yet to understand how to bridge the spiritual back down to the material again.”

“I can see that,” I said.

“As I’ve said before,” She continued, “your collective lack of understanding—even concerning the popular metaphysical ideals that are espoused—is evident from the fruits that continue to manifest upon My bounty. The fruits never lie, and such fruits reveal that your collective understanding concerning how I am a part of you is somewhere lacking. Otherwise, more fruits would be created that express the desire to honor my Holy Spark rather than to destroy what contains it. And without the ability to understand how I am a part of you, you will be lacking in your ability to understand ‘oneness’ consciousness, since oneness consciousness is a consciousness where you understand you are connected to the whole. Achieving ‘oneness’ must honor the Divine Mother and recognize that She is in Divine Union with the Divine Father. The life within Her is imbued with His Holy Spark the same way you are. Everything is connected and tells a story about the collective consciousness amidst life unfolding and the beauty and holiness that is everywhere.”

“So, how do You and the Divine Father view humanity at this time?” I asked.

“Those watching this story unfold feel great excitement and anticipation concerning whether you, as humans, will come to know yourselves in your true and sacred light, or whether you will destroy your physical world around you through a continued belief in your separateness from the Divine,” was Her reply.

“Will we destroy ourselves?” I asked, hoping to be offered a prophetic glance at a likely outcome.

“Humankind will only manifest such destruction if the predominant choice made is to remain unconscious regarding how everything that is living in the physical realm whispers of it spiritual sacredness with every passing moment,” She said. “However, even if humankind should destroy the current world, you, as humans, are never completely lost to your Father, Great Spirit, Source, or whatever name you wish to give as a label.”

“I think many of us within the new age are beginning to realize this,” I said, “as well as ideas of oneness, though we still have a long way to go.”

“To further allow yourselves to understand ‘oneness’ ideas,” She counseled, “you can lovingly begin to see humanity as a part of a bigger whole and a part of Nature in general. This will help you to overcome your current habit of knowing only how to care about your own separation experience and its self-advancement. It may help you along your path to realize how separated you have become from WE, of all that is living, and our Holy Spark and beauty. If you can come to realize this, it can help you to experience an easier and more natural progression in your understanding, rather than if you were to try to force yourself to overcome your sense of separateness through feeling ‘one’ with humans alone.” [2]

“I never thought of it that way,” I shared.

“You can start by taking notice of how many of you within this technological generation have emotionally and physically moved further away from a realization of wholeness rather than closer,” She informed. “You can likewise take notice of how many of you have moved further away from what is more natural and pure rather than closer.  This is evident by how unnatural, artificial, and controlled the world has become. Many of you don’t even accept your natural emotions that are given to you to help you along your path. Some of you are being forced to turn this trend around through its effect upon your health.  However, the resistance toward aligning with what is natural is still quite strong in many of you. Of those of you who have yet to turn this resistance around, the fruits that arise from your resistance reveal the truth of where humanity’s predominant focus lies—on the artificial and man-made rather than the natural. This is just one symbol that is manifesting of many.”

“I see,” I affirmed.

“So, there is a need for humanity to collectively come to care about a bigger picture in order to help it to overcome its separation consciousness,” She continued. “The question being asked to humanity right now is whether you will decide to care about nature, living beings, or animals as much as you do your manufactured creations and conveniences.”

“And to care more than just in our words alone, I imagine.” I said, feeling a bit overwhelmed by the idea of applying everything through action.

“You are encouraged to have faith and to understand that while you are a spiritual being,” She said, “in your physical incarnation, you are an aspect of nature. As an aspect of nature, you are joined with Me and the whole of life the same way the Divine Father is. After all, all aspects of nature are imbued with a holy and beautiful spark. When you begin to see the true beauty of this spark, you will gasp and wonder how you could have been so blind as to have never seen it before.”

I took a moment to think about the message She was imparting. I thanked Her for Her wise message. However, She had a few more words to offer:

“Grace be to all. Remember, beauty abides within.”

[1] New agers currently comprise a large part of the population. As such, they influence collective thought and also what is manifested or not.

[2] As opposed to loving all forms of life equally, not making human life the only life that matters.

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