Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Chapter 5 - “Remove the Blindfold”

daddy longlegs
Daddy Longlegs Spider
As I woke on a cold and brisk fall morning, I didn’t want to get out of bed because I felt so cozy and warm underneath the covers. As I continued to lie there, I wondered what type of message this day would bring.  In my last dialogue with Mother Nature, She had said, “The fruits never lie, and the current fruits of your collective labor reveal that your new age intention to be a loving force within the world is not a clear or focused one.  It is being contradicted by other intentions that may support a different agenda.”

This made me think back to a psychic reading I had received a long time ago from a blunt and no-nonsense psychic. After going on and on about how I was doing my best to think positively and use my power of intention to manifest a certain goal for myself, this psychic had matter-of-factly advised me that despite all of these efforts, I was manifesting neutrality for myself.  According to him, this was because I had other intentions that were working at cross purposes to my goal.

My issue at the time of that reading was with manifesting loving relationships.  I primarily wanted to feel forgiven by others and accepted for who I was.  I had a health issue, and the most painful part of it was feeling ridiculed and misunderstood. The psychic counseled, “Well, if it doesn’t come from you first, it doesn’t happen, does it?” He pointed out to me how my relationships weren’t exactly the nurturing type that would help me with reaching my goal. With tears streaming down my face, I knew he was speaking the truth.

After advising me on how to achieve my goal less through trying to contort myself to meet others’ expectations but instead through developing the self-confidence to be myself, the psychic asked if I had any other questions for him. So, I told him I was pregnant. To my surprise, the psychic then chuckled, which I could tell was in frustration with my predicament. He then told me that while a baby would be able to offer me the kind of unconditional love I was looking for, I had “chosen” to trap myself in a situation where I would be “used.” By the end of the reading, it was made obvious that if I truly wanted a harmonious relationship, I needed to make a choice (a form of intention) not to get myself into situations where I was repeating the past in a way that gave me little room to move or grow. I would have to let go of my abusive childhood and my need to recreate my past through my present relationships. Making a choice to remain a victim was not the way to fulfill my intention of becoming a more spiritual and forgiving person. It was also not the way to forgive my parents.

As I thought about this, my mind began to wander and reflect upon how this phenomenon could also be blocking humanity when it comes to our intention to be a healing force in the greater world.  With this I remembered Mother Nature’s statement, “The fruits never lie.” Then, suddenly, I heard another voice that was unfamiliar to me interject itself. It said in an assertive tone, “Remove the blindfold.”

Not knowing where the message originated, I then heard, “Look up!” So, I obeyed the request. As I looked above me, there, situated in the crease where my bedroom ceiling meets the wall, was a daddy longlegs spider.

Curious to know more, I sat up in bed, grabbed my notepad and pen, and made myself available to tune into and record any wisdom this spider had to offer on the subject of removing the “blindfold.”

“Examine any concepts you hold that are out of alignment with truth,” were the first words I wrote down. “With a split mind, it is hard to develop a focus. So take the next step to repair what has come undone. Atone and become ‘at one.’ Begin to bridge what you know of the truth with the physical. Make it your walk of life.”

Continuing in a blunt and no-nonsense tone, the message continued, “Treasure truth and let go of regret, for regret is a waste of your time. Instead, remove the blindfold. Your time is drawing nigh. All will be exposed soon whether it reflects truth or something else.”

“What exactly is the blindfold?” I asked.

“The falsity of self, false pride,” was the message relayed.

“How do we overcome this?” I asked, wanting to know more.

“Seek the gold and treasure from the inside,” was the reply. “Become aware that you can do more joined with others than you can do alone. Through having too much of a competitive spirit, you can become undone. Open your eyes! See that what is currently treasured most in the world is false light.”

“Competitive spirit?” I asked.

“Might does not make right. What is false cannot be made light,” was the response that I wrote down.

“True,” I said in agreement.

“Use your internal power to find inner treasure rather than looking for fool’s gold,” the spider continued. “Face the fear of going without and you will find what you are truly made of.”

“What do we need to know about nature right now?” I wanted to know.

“Your environmental problem is the work of your hands, minds, and deeds as they focus on what is false,” replied the spider. “They are the fruits of your collective pursuit to acquire fool’s gold.”

“Oh, I see,” I said.

“You will best serve your collective purpose when you expand internally, rather than externally, during this time,” said the spider. “Too much external expansion causes suffering and brings an early demise. Learn to go without a little. Simplify your goals. See what you are using as a means to an end, and how, or why.”

“Means to an end?” I asked.

“Yes,” replied the spider. “Remember that the real journey is within. The external journey, understood wisely, will help you better understand this.”

“What can we better understand about our external journey?” I asked.

“Truth…receptivity…joy…rewards,” was the response I wrote down. There was a pause for a moment before the message continued once more, “Remove the blindfold and realize that what is done to the self is done to the whole, and what is done to the whole is done to the self.”

“That seems a common theme to all the messages I have received,” I thought to myself. The house spider hadn’t finished, however, and had more to say on the topic.

“Collectively, you have allowed yourselves to come undone,” the spider warned. “You now have too many regrets for bad choices, and, yet, you keep your blindfolds on. But there is hope! Don’t live your collective life as if you have been defeated and have lost all free will! For you can overcome the problems of the world if you can collectively begin to walk your spiritual talk.”

“In what way do you see that we are not walking our spiritual talk?” I inquired.

“There is a need for more of you to align your daily lifestyles, practices, and beliefs with something more worthy of your collective cause,” the spider responded, “…taking into account how your collective lifestyles and practices affect a bigger picture or create suffering. Change will come when you remove the blindfold and believe!”

“What can we do about the environmental fruits that are already in form?” I asked, wanting to understand.

“Just breathe,” was the answer offered. “Accept your losses and remember to treasure what you have. Do not treat life as disposable when, in truth, life is all you have. When you know this, you can never truly die. When you collectively know this, your external world will mirror this truth and thrive.”

With this, I thanked the spider for its insight and got out of bed to start my day.

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