Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Chapter 6 - The Law of Balances and In-Betweens

Many of the messages that I had written down from prior days were still on my mind as I woke up to the sound of geese making calls on the river. Feeling inspired to start a new dialogue, I got up, dressed myself, fed my two cats, and then went outside to connect with Mother Nature. I particularly wanted to ask about new age concepts that had seemed true to me for a long time which suggested that the measure of a person’s material wealth was symbolic of how much “energy” they had or vice versa. I wondered what Mother Nature would have to say about this, considering that many of the messages I have received seemed to focus on our letting go of our preoccupation with material gain for the sake of our personal and collective health. Yet, if money can be equated with energy, it seems as if it should be considered something important to have.

Then I immediately heard Mother Nature’s soft voice speaking from behind me. “It’s not necessarily money—in and of itself—that is important to consider when looking at energy. It is more about honoring a process of give and take, in which the goal is to maintain a state of balance and to not give into extremes.”

“Can you please explain that in more detail?” I urged.

“What drains your energy is when you give into various excesses,” She answered me. “For example, if you should over-give without being able to receive back, this is a form of excessive behavior that can result in depletion. You should seek, instead, to maintain a balance through the give and take of energies. This is why it is not recommended that you give too much of your energy away without receiving some sort of replenishment in return. What is given in return does not necessarily have to be money, however. Money is merely one form of exchange, and it depends upon your attitude toward it whether it will offer you replenishment.”

“I never thought about it that way,” I admitted.

She then continued in Her instruction, “If a person strives to be liked all the time and to do things for other people without taking care of his or her own needs, this leads to imbalance and a feeling of being drained. Yes, sometimes asking for a monetary form of exchange can bring a sense of balance or replenishment if the money exchanged can be used to meet other needs. But, care needs to be taken that the act of pursuing money does not become something that creates excessive behavior; otherwise, it can result in depletion and imbalance as well. For the excessive striving for anything can lead to feeling depleted, drained, or empty in some fashion.”

“What you say does make sense,” I responded.

“This is why money, as a means of exchange, can help balance energies if it is viewed as part of a give and take process. However, when excessively striven for, your pursuit for material advancement can result in the expending of too much personal energy. It can also result in the loss of sleep or the loss of meeting other needs required for maintaining balance. When this happens, it can naturally lead to feelings of burnout, fatigue, restlessness, or the inability to turn off or wind down.”

“I’ve definitely experienced how my own excessive behavior has, at times, led to feelings of depletion,” I confessed.

“This also applies to humanity’s environmental issues,” She carried on. “Wherever there is excess concerning the creation or manufacturing of man-made items, an expenditure is required of not only personal time and energy, but also My natural resources, which are limited. None of the energies that are ‘spent’ in the producing of man-made conveniences are infinite. If such expenditures of energy and resources are not kept in balance—that is, if more is taken then given in return—then exhaustion can result.”

“How will we know when imbalance has been the result?” I asked. “Because some people don’t understand this kind of concept. Most of us within the Western world are, after all, taught that it is ‘normal’ to expend excessive amounts of time and energy on making money and developing projects. We are even taught to ‘grin and bear’ any discomfort that results, thus, ignoring our bodies’ need for rest, sleep, water, food, and other things.”

“You will recognize any imbalance through the fruits being manifested,” was Her reply. “For example, if there is too much excess being manufactured on a collective level, then My physical bounty will start to mirror that too much is being taken or extracted for what it is able to provide. My physical bounty may in places start to reveal symptoms of depletion in the same way that certain places in the human physical body might start exhibiting signs of exhaustion or imbalance if the personality that owns the body is caught up in excessive physical or mental activity. Everything is a mirror. Everything is, likewise, a dialogue or form of communication. There is nothing that is happening in My world and through My bounty that is not happening on some level within the collective consciousness that plays a part in affecting it. If I am exhausted, depleted, and caving in on Myself due to man-made causes, then on some level, humanity—in a general sense—must be suffering similarly. After all, how many of you perceive yourselves as empty, tired, and polluted with toxins? Not enough is being received in terms of ‘energy’ for what is being expended. Then to compensate for this, you may even expend more and more effort to fill yourselves up with something artificial and unnatural to replenish yourselves.”

“This is probably why so many people need to take drugs for headaches, insomnia, or other issues to be able to cope with this type of imbalance and exhaustion,” I said. “Many of us are also on antidepressants or some other form of medication. Some of us even become dependent on alcohol, recreational drugs, caffeine, or other addictive substances. Even the tendency to overeat may be rooted in feeling depleted.”

“True,” She affirmed. “Many of you live with symbolic ‘debts’ of one kind or another, including the types of financial debts that arise when you take out loans or use credit cards. Many of you will put yourself in great financial debt in order to feel that you can have or create more excess. You feel so empty and ‘spent’ that you may overcompensate for this feeling through focusing on ‘filling yourselves up’ in material ways or through using more convenience items that make your daily chores easier for you. Then through attempting to acquire more, you spend more, and it creates a vicious cycle.”

“True,” I said.

“Unfortunately, the very idea of a debt means you have spent more than you have to the point that you owe something,” She continued. “In similar fashion, humanity is spending My resources in ways that put the whole of life into a state of debt within the physical realm. As a result, My Bank of Life—in the physical sense—is suffering from the effects of too much debt and over-withdrawal.”

“That is true!” I exclaimed, never having thought of the natural world as a bank before.

I sat thinking about this concept for a while, and then my mind took off on another tangent. I began wondering if this is why some of us stereotype rich people as being “cold” or heartless, appearing to be empty inside despite their outer prosperity.

Then, I heard Mother Nature chime in again, “Both the rich and the poor have the potential to become cold and overdrawn if excess is sought externally to the point that it causes an internal debt to arise.”

“It almost seems as if the more we have, the less we are satisfied,” I observed, “and the more we then strive for something greater. However, on another level, it does seem there is a Law of Balance, as you have discussed before, that is trying to teach us to tread a path between extremes…to become simpler.”

“Yes,” my guide responded. “Unfortunately, many of you cannot see that nature does require a balance or that simplifying your needs and your life could bring you closer to reaching completion. You are taught to believe that to reach completion requires having or obtaining more of something externally. In fact, if many of you had to imagine becoming simpler, you would likely feel anxious. This is because a great portion of the Western world has been subtly conditioned to perceive the pursuance of a simple life as something that encourages failure or the inability to reach your full potential. Many of you haven’t realized that your full potential lies within.”

“I see,” I said.

“Your greatest lesson within this current timeframe is that simplicity will be your salvation,” She offered. “It will be your gold and silver, and through becoming your gold and silver, it can become your treasure. An attitude toward seeing the abundance within what is simple and pure will allow you to actualize everything you’ve ever wanted deep down inside, for it will allow you to live a life of more relaxation and less fear. All that is required of you is to let go of the need for excessive external striving—enough that you can learn how to just relax.”

“That is easier said than done,” I put forward.

“Your mind will tell you that,” She answered.

“Is there any first step we can take?” I asked.

“A first step is to understand that it is safe for you to realize that your salvation will not be found through your efforts to produce or enjoy more material conveniences,” She replied. “You think your conveniences bring you the ability to save time, but you only need them because you are already in debt.”

“Yes, I guess that is true…” I said, surprised I had never thought of it before.

“If you look around you, everything is sped up so fast that you find you have little time to breathe,” She instructed. “Your culture seems to enjoy this hurried state, however. It may feel exciting for many of you…this state of being in an illusory race that you can’t win.  But, stop and ask yourself where this race is really leading you? What are you trying to reach the top of and why? Do you even know, or are you lost in the go, go, go?”

“Is there anything else we can do?” I asked.

“You can seek to better comprehend how all of your excessive behavior is part of the fuel that creates your need for conveniences. Your need for conveniences then becomes part of the fuel for your excessive behavior,” She answered. “It has become excessive and has led to addictions of all kinds.  Of course, when engaged in by a mass number of individuals, all of this over-activity, addiction, excess, and waste yields fruits of imbalance within My bounty. All of the fruits of imbalance occurring within My bounty attempt to communicate to humankind where you as a collective have strayed too far from a natural and sacred path.”

“Those kinds of fruits are becoming more and more difficult for many of us to ignore,” I assured Her.

As I lifted my eyes from the dialogue that I was writing down, I saw that my two cats were approaching me, seeming to want my attention. Cricket, in particular, wanted me to allow her to hop on my lap so that I could pet her for a while. Although I had more questions, I figured this was a good point to put my pen and paper down. I thanked Mother Nature for Her wisdom and promised to continue with our dialogue another time.

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