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Chapter 9 - “All That Glitters Is Not Gold”

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It was approaching summer’s end, and I was sitting outside on the stoop by my front door. There was a lot of construction going on, which prevented me from peacefully sitting by the river’s edge.

I live in a rented property (one of many) situated on a cul-de-sac where the Rideau River branches off into a harbor. Over the summer, my original landlord had sold the property to a new company. While the new landlords were very likeable and accommodating, the only difficulty that arose was dealing with all of the construction that was taking place on many of the properties. Not that this was a bad thing, but it made it more difficult to spend time outdoors. What was causing the biggest disturbance was the process of replacing the septic system that was connected to many of the rental units. This meant not only digging up a lot of the property but bulldozing many of our driveways and walkways as well.

While it was too loud and chaotic to spend time in my backyard by the river, the front of my property was slightly more secluded from all the hustle and bustle. So, my front stoop was the best place to sit for the time being. My two cats had joined me and were rolling around on the warm pavement.

Sitting beside a bush of wild pink roses, I was admiring the flowers when my cat Emerald approached and seemed to be looking at something by my right foot. I looked down to see what had captured her attention and to my surprise I noticed, there on the pavement, less than an inch away from my smallest toe, sat a black dragonfly. What was even more intriguing was that despite my cats walking around in the same area, he seemed to want to stay in place.

Since, as totems, dragonflies can represent the breaking of illusion [1], this made me think back to my conversation with the house spider. The house spider had said, “Open your eyes! See that what is currently treasured most in the world is false light.” So as I sat outside watching the black dragonfly, honored that this faery-like creature trusted me in this way, I decided to ask him if he had any wisdom to offer on the nature of false light. I was surprised when the message that came through was so direct and strong.

“Beware of the measures you take to increase your feeling of security,” was the first part of the message I wrote down. “All that glitters is not gold, and your efforts can end up serving a split purpose. One purpose—the one that serves yourself alone—when focused on too exclusively blocks you from seeing your other purpose—the one that serves the whole. Though both purposes are intricately entwined. For you cannot serve yourself without serving the whole to some degree.”

“We do tend to be very focused on our own survival and the fulfillment of our desires,” I affirmed. “And with large numbers of us focused in this way, we can collectively have a less than desirable effect upon the greater world.”

“Yes,” said the dragonfly. “You, as a collective, tend to remain largely ignorant or unconcerned toward any purpose that extends beyond the small self. Through lingering with this predisposition, you block yourselves from being able to effectively bring about a state of collective harmony for mankind as a whole. You tend to pass blame instead.”

“What or who do we blame?” I asked.

“You blame an illusion you have created,” replied the dragonfly. “You allow this same co-created illusion to convince you that you are trapped and not responsible for your own entrapment. This seems true whether your sense of entrapment arises from your independently created constructions or your collectively created ones.”

“Can you explain this more? Because I do not think many of us would understand,” I uttered.

“You need to first understand the illusions you serve and how you make them real within your minds,” the dragonfly advised. “Understand how these illusions affect and encapsulate all of your belief systems, your emotions, your societal laws and institutions, and your definitions and labels. While these illusions can represent the intangible, conscious, and undesirable emotional states that you are attempting to work through, they also encompass much more than this. They represent both the tangible and intangible constructs that have been co-created and which appear to define your lives. These constructs simultaneously leave you feeling captive or even captivated.”

“What do you mean by the tangible constructs?” I asked.

“Figure it out,” was the blunt response. “The answers are everywhere around you.”

I felt a little taken aback. But I pressed forward with more questions, “Is there anything else you have to communicate?”

“Certainly,” said the dragonfly. “What is being asked of you during these chaotic times is to make a choice whether you will continue to serve something that is illusion—or false—rather than the truth. Often, what you may think is the truth can represent false light—that is, a misperception of truth.”

“I see,” I said.

The dragonfly was not finished, however, and continued, “When you misperceive the truth, you will tend to see it in a place, a commodity, a structure, or an institution where it does not exist.”

After taking a moment to digest everything that I had written down, I paused for a brief moment to look down at the black dragonfly resting at my foot. Ants were marching to and fro as if they didn’t even notice the dragonfly was there. The dragonfly would briefly lift his body to allow them passage to wherever they were rushing off to. He would then set himself back down upon the ground once more.

The way the ants were behaving reminded me a bit of how we, as humans, can sometimes exhibit a tendency toward tunnel vision when we have a goal in mind. We can act like bulldozers at times, asking other elements of life around us to step aside or to get out of our way. Yet the dragonfly didn’t seem too perturbed to make way for the ants. He seemed to let them pass through willingly.

The dragonfly then continued with his message, “Guard your thoughts to keep them holy, so that what is not of holy thinking within the world and its collective belief systems cannot reign.”

I thought about this while remembering how the word “holy” arose from the word “whole.” I then asked, “Is there anything else we can do to help ourselves with this process?”

“Beautify your surroundings with your everlasting grace rather than your dead treasures,” was the response. “It is your dead treasures that come to pollute and clutter everything. So, clear that clutter and also make sure to clear it from where it first originated—within the mind’s eye and within your hearts that are left lusting after what only a fool would desire. Only then will you be able to join as one to solve the greater problems of the world, including the physical polluting of your collective habitat. For both the mental and physical forms of pollution that affect you as a collective are intricately connected. This is because both forms of pollution arise from the same faulty belief systems that the majority of you serve and allow to occupy your minds. These faulty belief systems would have you root yourselves in the pursuance of what is false. In other words, they would have you rooted in what you falsely believe will complete you or give you happiness. So start questioning these falsities.”

“What kind of questions can we ask?” I asked.

“You can begin to ask yourselves ‘Why do we compulsively need to acquire so much?’” the dragonfly answered. “You can also ask yourselves ‘Where and from what belief systems does this need arise from?’ ‘Do these types of mindsets represent the truth?’ ‘Does abiding by them truly make us happy?’ ‘Do they bring us into harmony with the world and others?’ or ‘Do they cause a separation or a rift?’”

“Is there anything else we can do?” I asked.

“You can see how existence will speak to you in much the same language that your dreams speak to you at night,” he responded. “The symbols within a dream merely serve to reflect the mind of the dreamer who dreamed them. So, it stands to reason that the symbols that arise within your collective dream of life reflect the minds of the collective dreamers as a whole—and the most predominant or viral belief systems.”

“I never thought of belief systems as ‘viral’ before,” I said.

“Yes,” the dragonfly responded, “but like any kind of virus, they can be overcome through developing a level of immunity and resistance to being infected.”

“How can we become immune?” I asked.

“You can start with supplanting product worship, pride, and envy with the realization of your true worth and value as part of a whole,” was the response. “See where your light truly lies. Here you will solve your problem of worldwide hunger. It is only a problem everywhere, because you are all starving, and you are all starving, because you are trying to fill yourselves up with the wrong nourishment.”

“What about the people in the world who are really starving in a physical way?” I asked.

“Those who are born into areas of abject poverty sometimes come into the world with their own karma and lessons to learn,” the dragonfly replied. “However, souls may also incarnate to play a part in conveying a message about the state of the collective consciousness and how you, as a collective, will continue to repeat a cycle and lesson over and over until you learn it. Some of the locations where abject poverty is a current problem are those that have in the past been home to great affluence and bounty. Through human intervention and efforts, such locations may have lost this bounty or become places of drought or desertification. Thus they come to stand as a symbol of what patterns are repeating within the world due to the repetition of a certain mindset. This is because such a mindset can be observed to manifest similar destructive fruits wherever it may arise.”

“What is that mindset?” I asked, for the purpose of making sure I understood things clearly.

“Figure it out,” the dragonfly said in a playful tone.  “It is not that difficult to understand.[2] You can also figure out what is blocking you from wanting to understand.”

There was a brief pause in our dialogue as I stepped back, feeling a bit taken aback by the abruptness of the conversation. Then the message continued, “Figure out what belief systems create poverty in the world, through figuring out how belief systems can work on more than one level—such as a physical level, a mental level, an emotional level, a conscious level, an unconscious level, etc. This learning will help to serve a dual purpose. First, it will help you learn what represents false light. Second, it will help you see where you have been taught and conditioned to serve this false light above the truth. You can learn to figure all of this out once you fully understand that true light cannot create anything other than fruits that are beautiful, natural, bountiful, and pure. False light can only create fruits that sabotage or destroy what is beautiful, bountiful, natural, and pure. This said, poverty, when it collectively results from the work of man’s minds and deeds, is evidence of this kind of sabotage. At the individual level, though, there may be those who live in places of abject poverty who are contented in spirit, finding nourishment from within.”

“This also probably explains why so many people are malnourished even in developed countries,” I observed.

“True,” said the dragonfly. “Many of you suffer from nutritional problems despite having more to eat than those who live in locations where conditions are less favorable. You may feel malnourished, in a more general or symbolic way, because you have not truly received what you needed to feel nurtured and strong. Your ‘diet’ focuses on what has strayed from the natural or become impure. This is a symbolic problem that can only be resolved through working on it from the inside out.”

“How do we resolve it from the inside?” I asked.

“Through taking your blinders off in order to observe in an honest light what your emotional, spiritual, physical, and lifestyle ‘diets’ have consisted of,” was the response. “Through also asking yourselves why your physical, emotional, social, and spiritual diets have focused on what is manufactured, chaotic, and unnatural as a means to nurture and sustain yourselves. See what is blocking you from placing your focus on receiving nourishment from what is life-affirming, simple, natural, and pure.”

“Do you have any other advice?” I asked.

“Only that you learn to guard yourself from being too indoctrinated in the false definitions of the world,” replied the dragonfly. “These definitions heavily condition you into feeling enough is never enough.”

“And we seem as if we are always left in a state of longing and feeling of incompleteness,” I shared.

“The real longing being left unfulfilled lies beneath man’s desire for money, advancement, and lifeless conveniences,” said the dragonfly, “…it lies beneath why he feels he needs these things so much. Within humankind, there is a desire for completeness, a desire to bring resolution to feelings of being separated from a true Self and Source. With this feeling of being separated, there comes a desire for fullness and wholeness. However, if you try to find fullness in something manufactured and illusory instead of what is natural and pure, you will leave yourselves with the feeling you are still lacking and missing something.”

“True,” I said.

“The nature of illusion is that it will convince you that your purpose in life is to strive to be good enough in order to be worthy of love and to be accepted by the world and by others,” continued the dragonfly. “The truth is that this kind of pursuit is a hopeless and unnecessary one. If you can instead focus on your spiritual wholeness, you will understand that your belief that you need the approval of the world is something that should be a secondary consideration rather than a primary one. Make primary your desire to fully understand that in the world of spirit, you are worthy and accepted for who you are. You always were.”

“I may intellectually understand that truth, but something in me resists fully knowing it despite my efforts,” I confessed. “How can I begin to overcome this resistance?”

“If you take the example of dreaming again,” the dragonfly replied, “when the dreamer wakes from a dream, he or she comes to realize that the dream was not real and neither were its constructs. Such dreams were merely the reflection of the dreamer’s belief systems. So wake up to what you are dreaming and the reason you are dreaming it. Become more lucid within your dream of life. Meditate on the fact that your personal and collective dreaming has largely been constructed out of collective belief systems that have proven themselves to be false. Much of what they have mirrored to you were the false things that you served—things that have never represented the truth of who and what you are.”

Feeling this was a good place to conclude our conversation, I thanked the dragonfly for its wisdom. It then left its resting place beside my foot, leaving me to spend time with my two cats. I watched them both as they played together on the grass. After a while, I decided it was time to go inside.

[1] See

[2] Desertification can have a man-made element to it, which can arise from how we overwork the land or treat it. Bringing back the idea that there is a law of balance and overdoing something to yield affluence can over time have the consequence of bringing about a state of decay or depletion if balance isn’t pursued as a course of action. See

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