The Chapters

Introduction - Life Can Communicate With Us If We Know How To Listen
Through this “inspired writing,” I weave a story recounting one person’s endeavor to establish a dialogue with Mother Earth... Read more>>

Chapter 1 - Say "Hello" To The Ducks
“Receive knowledge,” was the reply. “Know the truth. You are a guest in our universe. Don’t be blind.  Don’t close your eyes.” Read more>>

Chapter 2 - "You Are a Guest in Our Universe"
I heard the word spoken to me, “Precious.” “What is precious?" I asked. “Life is precious. Don’t you know by now?” was the response. Read more>>

Chapter 3 - "Know the Web You Weave for Yourselves"
As I watched the rays of light dance upon her web, I noticed that the strands appeared to sparkle.  This was very curious to me since... Read more>>

Chapter 4 - “Seeking to Maintain the Balance”
 She had said to me, “Seeking to maintain the balance is an important part of learning the true nature of love.” So, what did this mean?... Read more>>

Chapter 5 - “Remove the Blindfold”
“What exactly is the blindfold?” I asked. “The falsity of self, false pride,” was the message relayed. “How do we overcome this?” I asked... Read more>>

Chapter 6 - The Law of Balances and In-Betweens
"Humanity is spending My resources in ways that put the whole of life into a state of debt. My Bank of Life is suffering from over-withdrawal..." Read more>>

Chapter 7 - Impoverishment Is Not Enlightenment, But Neither Is Having It All
“It's true that impoverishment is not enlightenment. But, do many of you truly understand the way in which you are impoverished?” Read more>>

Chapter 8 - “Follow the Blessings”
As the duck kept quacking, I wrote down the communication, “Be courageous. Follow the blessings. Follow where the blessings lead you.... Read more>>

Chapter 9 - “All That Glitters Is Not Gold”
As totems, dragonflies represent the breaking of illusion. So, I decided to ask the dragonfly for his wisdom on the nature of false light.... Read more>>

Chapter 10 - Abundant in Knowledge but Lacking in Wisdom
“Wisdom is the ability to use knowledge wisely,” was the reply, “which you will know when true wisdom has been applied from its fruits... Read more>>

Chapter 11 - “It’s All Right in Front of Your Eyes If You Would Pay Attention”
“It does not take a brilliant mind to see how actions have their consequences nor to discern the type of mindset that may lie underneath.”...  Read more>>

Chapter 12 - “Allow Yourselves to Witness the Magic in Life”
I had always been taught that ladybugs were a totem to denote abundance, luck, and blessings. So I asked the ladybug for insight on abundance... Read more>>

Chapter 13 - “Once You Understand the Material World Is an Illusion, You Will Find True Freedom”
"But it will be difficult for you to reach this kind of understanding if you are resistant and hesitant to being free.”... Read more>>

Chapter 14 - “Denial Allows You to Cling to a Sinful Life”
"Even at the risk of losing its life, the moth is ever-vigilant in following its path of light. This may also serve as a moral to us to keep our own vigilance... Read more>>

Chapter 15 - There Is a Child-Like, Teen-Like, and Adult-Like Way to Function in the World
“The collective consciousness has been trapped in a child-like way of thriving within the world for a very long while.”... Read more>>

Chapter 16 - “You Are Always in a Relationship with Something”
“Many of you are seeking too externally for love and approval.. Because of this, many of you can end up losing yourself within your relationships... Read more>>

Chapter 17 - “What Is Simple and Natural Provides Everything You Need”
"Notice how you cherished this rose more than other roses that had bloomed in what appeared to be a more mundane fashion.... Read more>>

Chapter 18 - “Your Purpose: To Become Angels in Human Form”
"Being mindful of your actions can help to move you out of the realm of having beautiful aspirations into understanding how to translate them into something more concrete... Read more>>

Chapter 19 - “The Earth and Universe Are Calling You”
"When a person empathically picks up a message that is being communicated regarding the environment, such events are already in form... Read more>>